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Sana Fakhar Shakes A Leg At IPPA Awards!

Pakistan has totally progressed in the award show department. We have Lux Style Awards, Hum Awards, Hum Style Awards and now IPPA. Many celebrities attend these events where they not only receive accolades for their performances but also perform to

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Sana Fakhar Looks Great After Facial Surgeries

Nowadays, many celebrities opt for plastic surgery in order to improve their looks. Unlike before, now the surgeries are more discreet and do not always stand out. Sana Fakhar was once a big name of Pakistani film industry. She has

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Something Is Fishy Between Sana Fakhr And Noor Bukhari!

Noor Bukhari recently left her acting career and we all know that up until recently both Sana Fakhar and Noor Bukhari were on good terms. But Sana Fakhar created a lot of question when she posted a cryptic status on

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