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Pakistani Actors Who Rely Too Much On Make-up in Dramas

It won’t be wrong to say that the other name for show business is glam world. The celebrities who are a part of this glam world believe in looking after themselves and rely heavily on makeup. As a matter of

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Yashma Gill Has Got Some Fiery Dance Moves

If there is one girl who has made name for herself in no time, it has to be Yashma Gill. She is a big-eyed beautiful new entrant in Pakistani Showbiz. People take years to register their presence but his girl

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Yashma Gill’s Dance Moves On a Recent Wedding

Dance is something that comes to anyone naturally. Either you are a good dancer or you are not there is no in between. It’s not something you can learn. You can learn the moves sure but the flow and the

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Yashma Gill Making Her Childhood Dreams Come True

Everyone has a bucket list throughout their lives; it’s just the content of the list that keeps on changing. During childhood its smaller things like winning a bicycle race from your brother but with the passage of time the contents

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These Two Celebrities Are Just Best Friends Or ?

Yashma Gill is relatively new to the entertainment industry. She fought a long hard battle to get where she is today. In an interview Yashma shared that when she was 18 she worked as a VJ but she always wanted

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