Teasers of Yaar Na Vicharay Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Faysal Qureshi and Sarwat Gillani are going to grace the small screen in Big Bang productions’ upcoming drama serial, Yaar Na Vicharay.

Penned by Samina Ejaz, directed by Ali Faizan with production from Fahad Mustafa and Dr Ali Kazmi of Big Bang productions, Yaar Na Vicharay follows the theme of complicated men.

The teasers of the play released recently and judging from the teasers, ARY’s upcoming drama looks pretty intense and we must say the stellar cast has raised our expectations!

A big Bang production (YAR NA VICHDAY ) coming Soon only on ARY Digital ! Director Ali Faizan @madihaimam

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Faysal Qureshi plays the character of a complex man while Sarwat Gillani seems to be pretty scared. Besides Sarwat Gillani and Faysal Qureshi, Yaar Na Vicharay also stars Shahzad Noor, Madiha Imam, Shabbir Jan and Adila Khan in supporting roles.

Rimsha Butt