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That Frustrating Moment…

Lights? Check! Camera? Check! Frustrating moments? Double check! Yes guys, ‘frustrating moments’ form a huge part of our dramas these days. When I say ‘frustrating moments’, I am referring to all those times when you feel like screaming, ‘I just can’t take it anymore!’ We all are addicted to watching dramas. But let’s admit it-sometimes, you find it impossible to watch the holier than thou heroine’s endless series of sacrifices. And at other times, it’s the villain’s devilish and unstoppable tactics that get on your nerves. There are moments when you DESPERATELY want either the protagonist to stand up for himself/herself or the antagonist to just shut up! The bottom line is that we all are familiar with that what-on-earth-am-I-watching feeling : P

Following is a list of the ‘frustrating moments’ we all experienced while watching these plays:


That frustrating moment when the only thing you could hear Aiman say was, ‘’Ammi, rehne dain. Saman abhi ‘bewaqoof’ hai.’’ Do you know what the most frustrating part was? That very ‘bewaqoof’ Saman snatched her sister’s fiancé! ‘Maat’ is actually the root of all sister-rivalry-based drama serials. It gained popularity because the concept was different and such a story had never hit the screens before. I admit – I watched it and found it engrossing too. But even now, I remember losing my temper every time Aiman defended her sister instead of giving her a shut-up call.



That frustrating moment when all Khirad could blurt out was, ‘Mummy yeh aap kia keh rahi hain?!’And that too at the most crucial of times, when she was being smothered by false accusations! It’s not just our vulnerable heroine who made some blunders, but Mr. Asher also went out for a walk along the beach, leaving the love of his life all alone :P Please, don’t get me wrong-I myself am a die-hard fan of ‘Humsafar’, but Khirad’s constant repetition of this dialogue, and Asher’s sudden disappearance did put me off. But well, this drama WAS a masterpiece. No debate there!



That frustrating moment when Sila rejected the person who stayed by her side through thick and thin, and, instead, she reconciled with the guy who cheated on her, married his neighbor and not even gave her the importance she always deserved. Another exasperating aspect of the serial was the way Sila, despite knowing Zoya’s real intentions, never gave her a shut-up call. That not-saying ‘NO’ policy is something I always find utterly frustrating.


• Shukk

Haye!! What should I say now? How about ‘that FRUSTRATING moment when it seemed that this horribly lingering play would just NOT come to an end?’ Enough said!



That frustrating moment when you had to hear the word ‘car’ 10 times per episode :P Honestly, the ‘car’ discussion went on for too long. ‘Mirat ul Uroos’ was indeed an interesting drama serial. However, they added unnecessary elements to it and prolonged it for no reason.

mirat ul uroos

• Muhabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai

That frustrating moment when you come to realize that ‘weeping and sobbing’ are the only two things the protagonist, Romaisa can offer. Plus Nabeel and Romaisa’s obsession with almost every element/ornament/object/animal did come across as something unnatural and annoying.



That frustrating moment when you felt like getting some ear drops after listening to the constant rants of Shabeeh’s cousin, Kiran. Amidst all that, they completely ignored the focal point of the story and there were points when the viewers were left clueless as to what was going on in Shabeeh and Surmed’s lives. However, I liked the contrasting time periods they showed in this serial, and some episodes were really worth watching.


• Ek Tamanna Lahasil Si

That frustrating moment when every next scene was more revolting than the last!
My my! If you were unfortunate enough to catch even a single glimpse of this sucking-the-happiness-out-of-you drama serial, you would definitely know what I am talking about!

ek tamana lahasil

Some of the serials I mentioned above are actually my favourites. So, the purpose of my article was not to criticize, but to entertain you guys! We have all seen and experienced such frustrating moments while watching dramas. But hey! Don’t we cling on to the dramas we are watching, no matter what? Sometimes the stories of our dramas just can’t progress without such moments. But unnecessarily prolonged exasperating elements make you lose your interest.

This was it folks! I hope you guys enjoyed reading the article. I would love to hear about some ‘frustrating moments’ that got on your nerves while watching dramas and plays!

Maryam Mehdi