The Khaadi Scandal Takes A New Turn!

One of the largest brands in Pakistan’s apparel industry, Khaadi is in hot waters. The Khaadi controversy emerged last month for allegedly firing employees apparently because they demanded a raise in their salaries.

The Khaadi Scandal Takes A New Turn!

The clothing brand was lampooned on social media for sacking the workers. However, the development in this whole episode is that Khaadi has agreed to the demands of the workers.

This is the agreement that was signed between Khaadi and the National Trade Union Federation.

According to this agreement, Khaadi has signed off on the following things with the National Trade Union Federation.
1) A minimum wage of PKR 15,000
2) Providing a safe and clean working environment for their workers
3) the provision of jobs for the 125 workers who were initially locked out of the factory
4) Providing Eid bonuses
5) Upholding the law with regards to overtime and working hours.

Recently, the renowned clothing line Khaadi refuted allegations of terminating its employees. However, this recent development surely proves that Khaadi was at fault at the first place.

Rimsha Butt