The Legendary Azam Khan Lost His Life Due To Coronavirus

Azam Khan, one of the greatest squash players of all time, gave up his life due to coronavirus. He took the COVID-19 test last week which came out positive and breathed his last in London’s Ealing Hospital.  

Azam Khan

Azam Khan became one of the thousands of coronavirus victims and lost the battle on Saturday, afternoon at the age of 95. 

Azam Khan 1

Azam Khan’s son Wasil Khan shared the news of his father’s death with “The News” all the way from London. 

“All of us here in London are in isolation and the news has come as a big jolt for us,” said Wasil. 

Azam Khan0

Azam Khan was 11 years younger than his brother Hashim Khan. Ever since their father’s demise when Azam was still an infant, Hashim took him under his wings. He was a role model for his younger brother. 

Wasil Khan became a successful businessman in London whereas his daughter, Carla followed his father’s footsteps in sports. 

Azam Khan2

Sad to hear another loss due to Coronavirus. 


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