The Name of Drama Kun Fayakun Has Been Changed

The name of the drama Kun faya kun written by Qaisera Hayat, directed by Ilyas Kashmiri & produced by MD Productions has been changed because of its involvement of an Arabic word that was extracted as it is From Quran and it is hurting religious sentiments of people. Imran Abbas, Alizey shah and Zarnish khan are the main leads of the drama . It seems that the  name wasn’t accepted by viewers also PEMRA has its ears and eyes open. Its high time writers should take responsibility while keeping the titles because they are more frequently used and written on news papers and websites, so there should not be any Verse from Holy Quran.

Religious groups are more active since the revolution of media and that is the main reason why actually writers need  to put up words that are extracted from Urdu Dictionary not the verses of Quran.

The drama also has an OST in which the verse is heard as song which seems a bit un pleasing as an audience.
The name of the drama has changed to Tu jo chahey which seems great. It seems that the production house has wisely changed name in right time to avoid any case and charge. Screenshot 20190815 203948

Screenshot 20190815 204019

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  • Seriously I was shocked when I heard the title “kun faya kun”. Do the writers not know the meaning of the word?? Matlab chalta kya hai writers key dimag mein!!
    Ek gisi piti love stort uthai aur ek unique naam chipka diya 🤦🏽‍♀️

    • the current name is along the same lines as Kun Fayakoon (it mean, be so it happens). this phrase is strictly for Allah, that when He wants something to happen, He just says “Be” so it happens.

      Qaisra hayaat is an excellent religious stories writer for more than 8 years in digests, I am not sure how did she and others not realize that using verses/words of such important nature from Quran in Music, in drama titles, in newspapers where they might not be respected properly is a big no-no

      Anyway, I am glad this is fixed

      • it is better to use the new/current name (Jo Tu Chahey) as it conveys the same meaning as Kun Fayakun but without offending our religious guidelines

  • It has to be changed it is not something to acceptable silently by us in anyway… but why the writer use the Quranic Phrase for a shitty darama to create some kind of hype… is they left no shame how could they do that
    Now if they changed the darama title they have to change the OST lyrics also

  • But if u people will watch this serial u will feel like the name goes with the serial bcuz the character name Apa G talks about true belief (tawakkul) in Allah(swt) whatever she says is so inspiring..We always point out the negative side why don’t positive side..

  • Oh lord why did they change the name. Kun faya kun was better….and new title track ‘yeh ishq hai dil ke aar paar’ sounds so filmy. I was wondering why people are so offended over a name which suits the drama. Kun faya kun means ‘be it, so it happens’. So how on earth was it an inappropriate title. I guess pakistani muslims love to get emotional for no reason. I wonder if such hoohaa was created when ‘kun faya kun’ song was made in bollywood film ‘rockstar’.

  • If people have a problem with the title kun fayakun. They should have had a problem with alif Allah aur insaan. Also written by Qaisra Hayaat. As it has Allah’s name in it. But nobody made a fuss about that. When alif Allah aur insaan was mentioned in song titles on newspapers etc.
    I think we need to change the orthodox thinking and start thinking like the new generation today. The title has nothing wrong with it. In each episode they mention kun fayakun in such a beautiful way and apaji talks about Allah and and our religion in a positive way. And honestly I myself thought like mashal. But tha ks to this drama apaji has helped me starting to believe back in my religion and has brought me closer to our religion and made me believe more in Allah. Its dramas like this that should have the positive view on viewers.

  • They have propogated the word.. its kun fayakoon not kun fayakun.. they did so for people’s ear get used to a word pronounce wrongly which is solely used for Allah

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