Jo Tu Chahay Episode 7 Story Review – Change of Name

Opening Thoughts – Change of Name:

Ohkay so, they have changed the name of Kun Faya Kun to Jo Tu Chahay, which I think is the right decision. However, I do feel that the name should’ve been a bit more impactful, this one just looks like a last minute thought, as if they ran out of time so they decided to name it whatever. Well, the good part is that the name of the drama is not going to have any effect on the story or the plot so it’s all good. I hope they also edit out those dialogues where they have forcefully used the terms such as Kun, Faya Kun because no one uses such meaningful words just so casually, especially while discussing their personal matters.

Mashal Sacrificed Her Happiness:

So, Mashal once again told Appa Jee everything but this time around, Appa Jee didn’t really try to convince Mashal, she just heard all of Mashal’s reasons & understood where she was coming from. This entire episode focused on Mashal’s heartbreak & how she was yet again blaming God for testing her with something she so eagerly wanted!?! As far as I remember, Mashal never really thought of Armaan, she just heard that he was interested in her, so not sure why her heart was now broken into trillion pieces at the thought of Arman’s proposal slipping away from her? I totally understand that this is Mashal’s journey, her journey of discovering the mysterious ways of how The Creator fulfills one’s dreams & wishes but to be honest, I am getting a littttttttttle tired of Mashal’s complaining & blaming. Anyways, Mashal thought things through & she realized that she could not ignore everything that Areesha had told her. Mashal respected Areesha’s wishes & the love she had for Arman. Even though Mashal ended up revealing Areesha’s secret, she still held her ground & convinced Appa Jee that she could not get married to Arman.

Arman tried to fight Mashal but he really could not understand why she was adamant on getting him married to Areesha until he met Areesha himself. Areesha put up quite an act in front of Arman to convince him that she loved him madly. It took only one such act of Areesha to score a spot for herself in Arman’s heart. The crux of this entire scenario was that Arman never really understood Mashal as a person. He had absolutely no idea that Mashal was doing Areesha a favor but this was also a test that he was faced with as well. Arman had promised Mashal that he loved him but in the end, he actually believed what he saw but didn’t really have the sight to see through Mashal’s eyes, he really didn’t have the wisdom to read between the lines & to understand that Mashal wanted to become a part of his life too but she was too shy to say that out loud. I actually couldn’t believe that Arman was convinced about Areesha’s love for him because of the emotional act & the dramatic stunt that she pulled in front of him. Arman actually got confused & thought this was the idea of love that excited him, he wanted to be loved the way Areesha had promised but then, he will later realize how suffocating Areesha’s obsession with him is going to be.

Mashal still had this glimmer of hope in her heart that Arman will stand by his decision but she has yet to find out that she will be left broken-hearted yet again. Mashal once again put too much trust in Arman thinking he will oppose what she suggested & stand firm on his decision but she has no idea what will happen next. Once again, Mashal will be reminded that putting trust & faith in people is only going to be a let down, so instead she should trust her Creator & His Plans.

Bisma tried to normalize the tension between Shama & Faseeha but then Shama couldn’t stop noticing the keenness that Bisma was showing. Both Shama & Faseeha will obviously not easily accept Hashir & Bisma’s relationship. Hashir did however suggest that he was trying to talk about Bisma but I guess that hasn’t happened so far. May be he was talking about his attempts of bringing both the families together. Faseeha is rigid too, but it still seems that she might change her perspective but when it comes to Shama, she is on a whole new level.

Closing Thoughts – Excellent Acting by Arij Mohyuddin:

Overall, this episode of Jo Tu Chahay was good. The pace of this drama is comparatively slow so I guess the viewers will have to get used to it. I do however wish that we get to see more of Mashal & something more happening in her life than just her complaining & crying. I really wish Alizeh Shah had at least taken on-job classes from Arij Mohyuddin because when it comes to acting, she is on another level. The character of Areesha is obviously not anybody’s favorite but Arij Mohyuddin’s acting is excellent. Her controlled expressions & the pauses between delivering her dialogue shows the kind of amazing grip that she has on acting. Applaudable. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Jo Tu Chahay.

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  • Thank you for the review.
    Putting aside what Arman finally did, what Mashal did to support Areesha was equivalent to breaking Arman’s heart. But that was not even considered.
    And for Arman for whom Mashal’s recation was not zealous enough, what was he expecting. For Mashal, it was more like a good proposal so she was happy since it was more of an arranged marriage for her.
    Anyway, best thing will be for Arman’s mom. She deserves areesha.

  • Why did they have to change the name?

    I am waiting to watch the episode when it is uploaded onto YouTube. Your review is very enticing! Thank you.

  • Excellent review, Zahra. Regarding name, I don’t think that the word Kun Faya Kun used here should disturb anyone. No doubt this word is associated with Allah only, showing his unique characteristics, but the drama was never misusing it. They never associated this characteristics with any of the character in the drama, but specify that because of our deeds, prayers (duas), Allah might change the course of decision. If someone is in much distress and does not see any light at the end of the tunnel and suddenly he/she gets out of trouble, is because of Kun Faya Kun. The person has did some good deeds or prayed by heart, so Allah says Kun then it happened. The drama was never relating it to people’s love, even the OST tell you that it is Allah’s love for his people when he says Kun for them.
    I laughed while reading ….Mashal’s heart broken into Trillion pieces, it was a good one. She never had feeling of Love in her entire life till few days back and now her heart is broken so badly, undigested. Anyways, I like Aapa jee’s one dialogue, “Mohabbat ke safar mein manzil nahi wafa ahem hoti hai.” Regarding Armaan, what can I say. He is attracted to Mahsal as soon as he saw her, it was love at first sight, even before he spoke to her. The approach was from his side, then how can he think that she never shows excitement in love, Oh man. It looks like you never loved her or you were never approached by a girl directly. Areesha expressed her feelings directly and this desperate guy considered it as a true love. Anyways, but I am surprised why Aapa Jee did not inform Hashir at first place that Armaan’s proposal came for Mashal. I mean he was so close to Aapa Jee, but he gets this news from Bisma, strange to me.

  • I agree with Aamer’s comment, when he mentioned that there is no misuse of the name “Kun Fayakun” in the drama. Infact, the characters try to overwhelm its power whenever it is expressed in the dialogues. It is not incorrect by acknowledging that these precious words were intently used to depict their true meanings.
    Including, Mashal didn’t show her likeness towards Armaan so far but later when she was compromising, she acted as if she was deeply in love with him. This is really strange. However, the drama is quite good and hope that it would lead to show strong and faithful bonding of a person with Allah.

  • Strangely, Armaan’s response to Mashal’s compromising behavior is awful. He only needed Areesha’s threat of suicide to prefer her love. Earlier, he said that her innocence conquer him. What about his own feelings for Mashal?

  • Oh lord why did they change the name. Kun faya kun was better….and new title track ‘yeh ishq hai dil ke aar paar’ sounds so filmy. I was wondering why people are so offended over a name which suits the drama. Kun faya kun means ‘be it, so it happens’. So how on earth was it an inappropriate title. I guess pakistani muslims love to get emotional for no reason. I wonder if such hoohaa was created when ‘kun faya kun’ song was made in bollywood film ‘rockstar’.

  • I was loving this drama and I thought it’s so real I salut Pakistani acting drama everything was great was beating Hollywood in acting and reality and everything was so real Pakistani family life style I mean so real but when you see something which doesn’t make any sense and looks so nonsense and that was she sacrifices someone very specially who could brought so many happiness in her life A great chance opportunity of change and who on earth will let this boy to her stupid jealous insulting cousin to get merry and let her enjoy and give her your dreams that doesn’t make any sense and become Indian fighting movie like one guy beat 100 man and walk away like super man so fake I hate this drama after this scene

  • Disagree, Alizeh’s acting in portraying Mishaals character in this drama, is very good. Don’t think Arij’s acting is as exemplary as you suggest either! Compared to alot of other, well-known, younger female actressess, Alizeh is at the top!