The Oh So Often Of Pakistani Dramas!

We are breaking stereotypes and with every passing day, we see new topics popping up in our dramas. But there is still a long way to go. There are many sequences which happen in nearly 90 percent of the ordinary dramas that do not really strike a chord and some are even repeated in the good ones. Here are some of the sequences that we see so often in our dramas that we end up predicting them before they even happen:

Susral Is Zaalim:

I actually have seen a lot of examples from real life where susral’s are nothing less than a scare house. And sadly the majority of the households in Pakistan have this problem with susral being extra Zalim for no reason at all. But imagine going through that kind of hell all day and then switching on a television and watch that all over again. Not a good idea if you ask me. Yes, it is a reality of this society but making 90 percent of shows on this topic alone is overkill. Not to forget it actually gives even more ideas to all those Zalim saases and nands out there to experiment more with their devil-gifted capabilities.



The one and only…Pyaaaaarrrrr!!!! If you are shown as any person below 30 years of age, you are going to fall in love. Falling in love is not bad but when the whole purpose of your existence becomes Pyar, it is annoying. We witness every day 13 or 15 year olds on the streets behaving like some romantic saga’s lover boy and believe me, showing them people falling in love left and right. Going to their educational institutions so they can just get hold of some pretty counter-part is not helping. The flying dupattas and starry eyes make people cringe after a while. A whole chunk of our dramas has this underlying sequence with the leads dragging their audience for over 20 episodes so they can get married. Like marriage is a bed of roses with no responsibilities or changes right?



This topic is most of the times handled so immaturely that I have no words to describe it. They will show a girl who is known to be a great person by everybody being condemned for no reason at all. No one will be rational or even ask why is she being accused of such a big thing. And many times, our seedhi saadhi bechari heroines will not even defend themselves. They will just go with the flow. Like can you relate to a scenario where someone is calling you characterless and you are not bulldozing him or her down? But somehow our heroines always manage to pull it off. The best thing is no one will ask anything about this scenario once everything is over. Because since the hero is accepting the girl, all the drama gets fixed automatically. No need for clearance or apologies!



It is so unbelievable that we have complete dramas dedicated to this topic. There are all kinds of stories with a whole bunch of people waiting for the khushkhabri. Easily calling the involved lady BANJH like that is not offensive or immoral. There are dramas where men have issues and sometimes people need children for legacy or to keep money in the family. If anyone has seen Mera Dard Na Jane Koi on HUM TV, you can relate to how painful can this be. The whole cast was revolving around having kids in every absurd way possible. The makers sometimes do not even realize that such things can be extremely painful for many people in real life. Main Maa Nahin Banna Chahti is the recent addition to this desperateness. AND!! There is a whole drama named BANJH!!


Ameer=Snobby And Ghareeb=Humble:

If you can lead a good life where you don’t have to worry about your meals, you are snobby. This is also a sequence we see in nearly all our dramas. The rich people are insensitive except the hero because the hero is always rich and always a good person.  The girls usually are from ghareeb households and their families will be humble and ready to sacrifice everything for their loved ones. Many times we see a balance is also shown but mostly the scenario is same with rich ladies not interested in their kids and always ready for parties while poor ladies focusing on good tarbiyat.


The Shortage Of Boys:

According to the recent consensus, Pakistan has more men than women but not in our drama universe. We all talk about sister rivalry but the root problem is the shortage of boys. There is always one boy who is a good husband material in the whole city leading to a lot of catfights among sisters, friends and sometimes between heroine and hero’s acquaintance who secretly loved him.


Which sequences do you think occur again and again in our dramas? Share in comments!

Pakeeza Dar