The Tragic And Shocking Incident Of Child Kidnapping

Children are unfortunately kidnapped every day in our country but some of these kidnapping incidents are so bizarre that it is difficult to comprehend how the parents of these children must cope. Nida Yasir conducted a special show in which different parents came to the show to tell how their children were kidnapped. Callers were also given an opportunity to narrate similar experiences. This show raised awareness about how children were being kidnapped and the steps parents should take in order to protect their children. Experts were also present on the show to tell who the parents should contact if their child is kidnapped.


One of the callers narrated an incident in which her daughter barely escaped kidnapping in a hospital. The guests at the show were shocked to know the whole story because hospitals are considered safe by everyone.


Nowadays a picture of an adorable 8 month old baby has been circulating social media and the web. Father of this beautiful baby girl also came to the show. He told how his daughter was snatched from in front of their apartment from his wife’s arms. The helpless father could not stop crying and pleaded to everyone to find his daughter. The officials are doing whatever they can and we really hope that this baby girl is recovered soon and the kidnappers are brought to justice.