The World Mourns The Death Of The Greatest Humanitarian – Sir Abdul Sattar Edhi

The name synonymous with selflessness and compassion, the man who devoted his entire life to the service of humanity and inspired countless people across the world, Sir Abdul Sattar Edhi passed away at the age of 88 on the third day of Eid. No essay-length posts or awards could do justice to the greatness of Edhi Sahab.

“No religion is greater than humanity.” From an early age, he was encouraged to give, give and give. His mother would give him 1 paisa to buy meals and 1 paisa to give to a beggar.  It is because of Edhi Sahab’s unwavering commitment to the noble cause of human welfare that the Edhi Foundation is Pakistan’s largest welfare organisation funded entirely by private donations. 

Edhi Sahab was, is and will always be Pakistan’s greatest national hero. We would always beam with pride and say, “Humare paas Edhi hai,” because like someone said, Edhi is not merely a person, Edhi is an ideology. We can only pray to Allah that He allows us the ability to continue Sir Abdul Sattar Edhi’s legacy.

The void can never be filled. 

Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un.

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