Kathputli – Episode 05!

Ohkay so, this episode of Kathputli was quite emotional & I must say the actors conveyed those emotions beautifully. The direction of this play is good too but I feel it could’ve been better. Things are getting quite interesting & now we’ll have to see how the duo in trouble will come out of it & how they will help each other because I am sure they won’t be left with any other option than to support each other.

Ahad & Mehru came across in such an awkward situation & before Ahad could find out who she is & before Mehru could tell where she came from, they got arrested. Both Ahad & Mehru couldn’t wrap their heads around with what was happening to them because they couldn’t even imagine doing what people were accusing them of. It was Liaqat who was the culprit but the police just barged in & without even interrogating, they chose to arrest them. I felt that just because Ahad knew about Liaqat’s activities, he could’ve put two & two together & should’ve explained that may be the complaint was made against the house owner & not Ahad & Mehru because they don’t live there.

Mehru’s mother & sister were just beginning to worry about Mehru when Hassam showed up & could sense that something was off. A lot of lies were being told but both Zeenat & Saira couldn’t keep up as they knew that the men of the house were quite rigid when it came to Mehru & also because they were guilty, they couldn’t keep the secret for long. Hassam found out that Mehru lied to them & assumed that she went away somewhere else that too with someone because sadly her friend backed out too & chose not to tell the truth.

Mehru already understood that she was in deep trouble because she knew that her brothers will never ever come to help her. Similarly, even though Ahad was scared too but he was hopeful that may be his father or if not him, then his brother will show up. It was actually sad to know that they still were seeing a light at the end of the tunnel & they actually overestimated the love their families might feel for them because soon enough they were about to find out that they meant nothing to their family members, except their mothers because where Zaitoon Bano was depressed over what she heard, Zeenat got hospitalized after she got to know the evil & sickening plans of Ehtashaam.

Mehru knew that her brothers might end up killing her, that’s why she was hesitant & didn’t give the phone number to the police where they could contact her family. I liked the way the policewoman helped Mehru understand how she needed to help the police in order to get bailed out as she could see that Mehru was scared & needed some emotional support at such a time. Everything that the woman said hit home for Mehru & she realized that her mother must be worrying sick that’s why she decided to let the police make a call to Ehtashaam but he chose not to think about his sister who was in deep trouble but accepted what he heard on the phone & came up with a plan that only someone with cruel mind & heard could think of. Ehtashaam is so engrossed in his fake idea of dignity & pride that he didn’t even think twice before getting the word out that Mehru has died. He did tell his wife that he will get Mehru out of the prison but he won’t allow her to come back, but I am not sure if he meant that or he was lying to stop his wife from questioning him. As a brother, Ehtashaam should’ve at least questioned the possibility of the charges on Mehru being true, because like Saira said, it could’ve been a mistake on the police’s part too but Ehtashaam took police’s word to be the final & ended up believing that Mehru was involved in some wrong activity.

I must say, the way Sanam Chaudhry conveyed the feelings of Mehru was quite emotional, it was like you could feel her fears, her worry & her pain. Mehru was shattered & she was cursing herself for lying to her mother, all those emotions were covered perfectly by the director & the actor as well. Farhan Ahmed as Ahad has done a great job too, like you can see that he is someone who has lost the least bit of hope in himself & he is just pushing it through to make something out of his life. It is going to be interesting how two broken people, estranged from their families will come together & might end up becoming a source of happiness for each other. I must say, I am disappointed at the editors of Hum TV, because once again the promo of this episode that they showed last week suggested Mehru’s faux funeral scenes were going to be a part of this episode but seems like we’ll have to wait another week to see that. It’s not the first time where Hum TV has mislead the viewers with such previews & I guess they should stop doing that because it looks like a lie & a bait that they give to the viewers to make sure they tune every single week. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Kathputli.

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