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“There Is No Vulgarity In Raja Natarwal” – Humaima Malick

The Pakistani public always feels bad when the models and actors from Pakistan work in B grade films in India. But every actor and actress till now has defended what they do in India. At the launch of Raja Natarwal’s song Humaima Malick also defended her work in India by saying, “There is no vulgarity in the film at all. In fact, I am very proud that we have done many romantic scenes in the film and have shot beautifully.”

In an interview which she gave few days back Humaima Malick also said,

“I was worried about becoming Emraan Hashmi’s heroine in the film. I had some misconceptions about him which I had developed after watching his films…..But the moment I met him, all those theories about him proved false as he is an extremely shy person in real life. He is not only a good actor but a good husband and father too. I am lucky that Emraan gave me one of the most memorable roles of my career.”





Whatever Humaima Malick has said in her interviews till now indicates that she is very happy with her work. She also said,

“Emraan teases a lot. He bullies you a lot, but the good thing about him is that he is good at romance.”