These Dupattas Are Overly Expensive And people Are Losing Their Minds

The textile price is increasing with every years passing. The branded clothes are way too expensive than the local clothes. Its now the game of chiliads. You go for shopping buy a simple decent dress and BOOMMM!! Now its your turn to pay Thousands, which is a very common practice now a days.

These Dupattas Are Overly Expensive And people Are Losing Their Minds

Brand consciousness is increasing in people day by day and so are the rete lists of these brands. However, now a days when everyone is confused for what to wear for Eid as the circumstances were not feasible enough to do much preparations for Eid.

Couple of days a boy came up with this tweet in which he shared pictures of two dupattas from Misha Lakhani and asked the reason that why these dupattas costs 20 to 22k?

People as a result came up with hilarious answers

And here is a wise answer

An innocent question regarding these highly priced dupatta

If this is the case! Hurry up girls and grab these dupattas ASAP

Someone came up describing core-competency of these dupattas

They may have the quality of Harry Potter’s clock as well

Such a legit question:

Some people also defended the high prices of dupattas and gave reasons that why these dupattas are so expensive:

Would you like to bye these dupattas just for the sake of brand name? Share your thoughts in comments section!

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