These Pictures Prove That Wasim Akram Is A Fitness Pro

Wasim Akram is a fitness pro and we already know that. Even after years and years of leaving cricket, this man couldn’t stop himself from hitting the gym. And his recent pictures are a prove that he is no less than a film star when it comes to his looks and chiseled frame.

Though he is in vacations in Bali, the star is still pumping all the iron he can to fit in the persona people still drool on. His wife, Shaniera Akram, recently shared the picture that is making rounds on social media:

See the hard work that he is putting in? His motivation to stay fit is simply outstanding, as very few know that he is a diabetic patient. But, has a disease ever stop a sportsman from outshining in fitness?

Previously, Mrs Akram had also shared a picture in which Mr Akram was seen after another hard day at gym:

No matter how old they get, legends always remain legends. Wasim Akram with his honed body and charisma has definitely proved it.

Kainaat Maqbool

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