This Famous Actress Donated Rs. 1 million to Diamer And Mohmand Dam Fund

Due to the upcoming water crisis, every Pakistani is encouraged to donate funds for the construction of Diamer and Mohmand Dam, even donation of Rs. 10 is appreciated because a single drop of water turns into an ocean one day.

Many Pakistani-American and renowned names of Pakistani industry have already contributed the amount of their income to dam funds, including Mian Daad, who decided to auction WC-1998 ball for funds, and boxer Muhammad Amir, who donated Rs. 1 million, and many others.

One of the famous veteran actresses is on the list, too. A well-known face of the late 90s, Babra Shareef, being a responsible Pakistani, donated Rs. 1 million. In her meeting with Cheif Justice Saqib Nisar, she said that Pakistan has given us so much now, it is our turn to give back to the country. She also appealed to everyone to donate whatever the nation can, even if the amount is only of Rs. 10. 

It is definitely the responsibility of every Pakistan national to contribute their chunk of income to the development of Pakistan so that we can save our country from future crisis. We often say that the Pakistani government is of no use, but when the government decided to take steps towards betterment of the country, we should participate equally.