Momina Mustehsan Looks Unrecognizable In Her Teenage Pictures

Momina Mustehsan became a household name after her stint in Coke Studio. She mesmerized everyone with her beauty and magical voice after Afreen Afreen. She became a national crush. Momina has always been open about many things. She does not try to hide behind her beautiful face.

Be it mental health or the awareness of depression, she has never backed down from sharing her experiences. Teenage is a phase when we all look wonky and different from our adult selves. Many people hide their teenage pictures and feel embarrassed about them. Momina is not one of them. She shared her pictures from her teenage years on her Instagram. Momina looks totally unrecognizable now. Everything from her hair to her styling has changed but Momina did not shy away from sharing her photos. Here take a look:

Screenshot_2018-09-25-15-40-06-1_1537883038757 Screenshot_2018-09-25-15-40-09-1_1537883039382

Yes, Momina was still a Diva at that time but she has grown up to be even more pretty. She got the pictures from her Facebook memories and they were taken 10 years back.

Do you think Momina has changed a lot in years or is she still the same? Do you prefer the Momina of today or when she was younger? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Pakeeza Dar