Tik Tok Star Ghani Tiger’s Father Is Killed Barbarically

Tik Tok star, rappers Ghani Tiger is one of the most followed Tik Tok celebrity of Pakistan.

Tik Tok Star Ghani Tiger's Father Is Killed Barbarically

Yesterday a video went viral in which Ghani Tiger was crying miserably and he talked about the brutal murder of his father Dawood Butt.

Tik Tok Star Ghani Tiger's Father Is Killed Barbarically

The unfortunate incident took place in a town Pasrur near Sialkot from where the tik toker hails. According to Ghani many people came to his house holding rods and pistols and beated his father and brother ruthlessly as a result his father died in front of him and brother is still in hospital.

Ghani Tiger accused his city organization ATI and also named the goons involved in the murder. He said 50 to 60 people beated his father badly. he asked prime minister Imran Khan for justice he also said that he will not remain silent until his voice reaches high officials.

However, when the video went viral the police took prompt action and claimed they have arrested three of the culprits.

#JusticeforDawood is also trending on twitter and people are asking for justice. Zara Noor Abbas also came forward in support of Ghani Tiger



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