Time to feel proud Pakistanis; Taurees Habib designs Music in Hollywood

It is amazing to know that new talent is not only making us proud within the country but we are being acknowledged on the international platform.

This twenty-eight year old boy Taurees Habib, who is basically from Karachi is working in Hollywood with an Oscar winner, Hans zimmer.


Taurees along with Zimmer has designed music for a number of excellent Hollywood films which include interstellar, Man of Steel, The Amazing Spiderman 2, Kung Fu Panda 3, Batman v Superman, Terminator Genesis and Chappie.


Taurees has lately released his own album with the title “‘Bedlam Jackson.”The information related to his music can be seen on the website :www.bedlamjackson.com


In future Taurees Habib wishes to work with Pakistani stars in Pakistani Industry as well .Well done Taurees and we wish you a very Good luck for your future projects.

source courtesy: http://www.dawn.com/