Deewana – Episodes 27 & 28! (Interesting Developments)

Deewana – Episodes 27 & 28! (Interesting Developments)

Ohkay so, these two episodes of Deewana were definitely better because things moved forward that too at a decent pace. There were some conversations which seemed repetitive but then the overall progress was pretty decent which was much required.

So, Haris has packed his bags & has moved to Karachi. I am still not unsure what to make out of Haris’s move because he threatened Amtul & Tabrez that he’ll drag them to court by spilling the beans in front of Subhan’s family, so I am not sure if his ulterior motive of coming to Karachi is that or he is actually thinking of bringing Mehru back in his life? Haris himself has been quite confused but I wish he had sticked to his plan of exposing Amtul & Tabrez because they are doing nothing except ruining his life. It was quite obvious that Haris was unhappy after what he did to Mehru because his conscience didn’t let him live peacefully & may be that was also one of the reasons he turned against Amtul & Tabrez because he became bitter & bitter day by day. Anyhow, his intentions are still dubious because we have seen both the sides of his personality where he can be stubborn enough to do what he feels like & then he can also easily become a puppet of Amtul & Tabrez. I like this uncertainty for now because it keeps the interest alive & for that reason, I am definitely looking forward to see if Haris actually has had a change of heart or he is just getting Mehru back in his life to torture Amtul & Tabrez & to blackmail them by keeping them on the edge that he might tell on them any time.

Finally, Mehru & Falak have confessed their love for each other & Mehru has done her part of the confession even in front of her parents. Their love story is very sweet because both of them are equally committed to each other & respect each other the most. Now it’s time for Falak to come clean but he definitely knows that his reality will come as a shock to Mehru & his honesty might cost him their relationship, that is why he seemed a little uneasy when Mehru told him that she expects nothing but honesty from him. Mehru already has been through a lot & her husband; the love of her life lied to her, that is why the only thing she wants is honesty but sadly, Falak’s honesty is far more complicated for her fragile mind to handle. I like Mehru’s character for the fact that she is not your typical bechari who will keep on sulking because of what life has thrown at her. She has suffered her part of the pain & that is why she is giving herself a chance because Falak made her realize that she can have a second chance at life too where she can be happy & feel loved as well & for that reason, she is taking a stand for her love & is doing everything to let others know that she is ready to move on in her life.

Shabnam finally put forth a proposal of Gaiti for Falak. I loved the way she convinced Husn Ara & tried to tell how much stuff Gaiti will bring if she will get married to Falak. Shabnam might be annoying for others, but when it comes to her daughter she is just a mother who loves her daughter to bits & would do anything to make her happy. Even though Shabnam wants her daughter to get married to Haris, she still tried her luck with Falak’s proposal as she knew that it will make her daughter happy. I like how all the characters are not completely black & white in this drama & only because of that, they seem real & relate-able as they react differently in different situations.

It was good to know Husn Ara’s side of the story too. It looked like her family owned the kingdom but Agha not only snatched their status away but also killed Husn Ara’s husband & Falak’s father. This is the reason why Husn Ara dreads returning back to her own world as she knows that Agha won’t spare Falak too. I hope they cover this side of the story a bit more where we get to see how Falak will deal with this truth & how he will battle with Agha to restore the status & position of his clan.

To be very honest, the most boring & purposeless characters in this drama are Shama & Subhan. They are just there because they are Mehru’s parents because other than that, not only their scenes are boring, their conversations are repetitive to the core too. The moment Shama starts talking, I fast forward her scenes as I already know what she will be saying – she will either be cursing Mehru, or she will be putting a blame on Subhan & if not that, then she will be playing the self-pity card where she will keep on talking about all the things that she has lost & how she is the only victim. I really feel the editor should edit her scenes out because they don’t offer anything at all!

Overall, these two episode of Deewana were definitely good & I liked most of the conversations. I will say that the dialogue writer has done a fabulous job, it is actually quite refreshing to hear such interesting conversations with meaningful dialogues that shed a light on the beauty of our language. Also, I will add that if it wasn’t for these actors, these dialogues wouldn’t have made such an impact, so props to all the actors for conveying these amazing dialogues flawlessly. Even though in all the scenes, it is hard to tell who’s wearing more makeup; Iqra Aziz or Shehroz Sabzwari but I like how their get ups & overall looks compliment the fantasy genre of the drama, so props to the makeup artists & the stylists as well. Anyways, please share your thoughts about these tw episodes of Deewana. :)

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