Trash Talking Dilemma Faced By Actresses!

We Pakistanis as a nation have a tendency to judge others and pass mean comments on them. From body shaming to poking noses in matters of other people’s lives we have done it all.

Let me start where all this judging starts. We all have witnessed situations in our friends and relatives where there were couples with one pretty person and the other average and deny it if you will but we all were there giving statements like “Allah kare Maa jaisa ho” or “Maa to ainvayin hai iski baap pe jaaye” when we were informed of the good news by the couple. So the poor child was subjected to judgments even before he/she was born. We said that sitting among our families and no one stopped us on this scrutiny. Obviously the baby will grow into a judgmental person as his surroundings suggest.

We have developed a horrible habit of judging others and passing comments on them when we do not even know them. The reason I have brought this topic up today is because I was going through my timeline few days back I saw a picture of Sajal Ali with Jhanvi Kapoor (daughter of Sridevi). The girls were standing in cold and were covered in full clothes. I REPEAT covered in full clothes. See the picture:

Trash Talking Dilemma Faced By Actresses!


The picture was criticized as Sajal is doing an Indian movie by some people. To them I will give the benefit of doubt as our relation with India can lead to that. But there was a person who abused Sajal on this and his language was so hideous that my mind is still on fire and I obviously cannot quote that here. That incident lead me to search on how our actresses are subjected to this bullying behavior every day. I admit this happens all over the world but the kind of language we use here and the behaviour we showcase is beyond explanation. So I typed the names of some of our top actresses on Google Images and see what I found:

Trash Talking Dilemma Faced By Actresses!Trash Talking Dilemma Faced By Actresses!

All over the world when you type the names of stars on the search bar you find news about their new projects, the events they attended or about what was going on in their personal lives and what we are getting here is:

“Dekhiye Mehwish Hayat ne be hayai ki inteha karr di. Jann’ne ke liye link pe click karein.”

Is this a way to attract audience by humiliating someone? By using such demeaning language about a woman who works, is independent and is trying to play her part in the society.

I am not implying here that dresses worn by our actresses or the lifestyles they adopt are the righteous or goes with the spirit of religion but do we have the right to bully them and slut shame them and call them names when we do not even know these ladies personally and the same religion has taught us to show tolerance and never disrespect anyone. All they are doing is working day and night; shootings, promotions and what not and here we are staring at our mobile screens and talking ill about them; ill to the level of abusing them and bashing their families. And I am not show casing myself as a feminist here because I believe men and women both should be respected equally but why the same nation didn’t shame Fawad Khan on playing a gay role in an Indian film. Because to me it was far worse than Humaima Malik’s risqué role in Raja Natwarlal and Humaima’s role wasn’t acceptable either.

Trash Talking Dilemma Faced By Actresses!


The other problem which is seen on daily basis is disrespect shown by people on Instagram mostly when these actresses share their pictures with fans who actually value them. I saw many people calling them fat, old, ugly and even kaali. Is getting old something unique? Is being fat or dark a bad thing? Have you forgotten the legacy you carry and essence of your religion when you were taught by your Prophet:

“Superiority is only on the basis of piety and no white is superior to black.”


What I am trying to convey here is if you have nothing to do with your own life and all you have in you is to call names and bully these women on social media, use your time as there are many other things you can do on the internet. Believe me it is a vast territory. And if you do not like their clothing, their choices or their lifestyles just leave them alone. Don’t see them; don’t comment on their pictures because NOT SAYING (OR WRITING IN THIS CASE) IS BETTER THAN ILL TALKING ALL THE TIME!

Pakeeza Dar