Turkish Serials Fever


Few months ago a serial started on Urdu1.Every time, I came across Urdu1 that drama serial was repeating like for 4-5 times a day..And then came a day when while sitting in my room,I heard some really weird voices.The voices were pretty unpredictable for me to guess.And I kept on asking myself that which drama serial my family is watching?

And then, those voices were heard by me every day and at the same time..abb mai thei paraishaan k kaun saa aisa Pakistani drama hai jo roz he lagta hai ? Plus those weird voices were getting on my nerves as if someone is talking in really artificial way.. :P…

Finally,I went to my parents room and saw that my mother and my sister were watching Ishq E Mamnu.I gave a look to the screen and saw some really beautiful ladies at the screen.I guess the first one I saw was Beetar.. :)..

But after few minutes,I left the room as it was so mess in that serial that it was not at all understandable for me or woh bhi in the very first go.. not possible man..

After that,where ever I went,I heard about Ishq e Mamnu..Yaaaar kitni pyari hai na Beetar..Oh yaar Behlool is so cool ,I wish I could meet him somewhere…Yaaaar kitni maasoom hai Nehaal..

Arghhhhhhhhhhh… Ishq e Mamnu here,Ishq e Mamnu there..Ishq e Mamnu everywhere…


 At that time, I wanted to kill those who did voice overs specially of that old man(the cook I guess :p )..that was so much irritating. I knew that wasn’t the original voice of any person.. it cant be.. but I am extremely sorry to say that they have exaggerated many voices to such an extent that they became pretty much unbardaashtable for me atleast.

The fever of that serial went on and on.My family,friends,relatives,cute kids next door thus everybody started watching that serial.

Can you believe it some of my relatives put Beetar as their facebook deepeeeeeee :D.. ? Or tou or hadh to teb hue when forwarded texts were received by me..Bhaie! I am the one who is least interested in that serial ,koi poochai inn se mujhe kyu bhaij rahai ho text .. I least bother that who is going to die and who will be left all alone at the end..

And then came the days when Last Episode of this serial was about to get aired..Teb jesai daikho apnai paas se stories bana raha hai.Beetar will marry Behlool,Nehaal will kill behlool and what not.. :D.. Let me tell you honestly people that I even did not bother to watch Last Episode of that serial.

And then came the time when that stylish Beetar became simple and adorable Fatima Gul.Yahan se aya gee story mai twist.


I did not know at first, that was this serial all about and what is Beetar’s character all about. My mother and sister started watching it from the day 1.One day after watching a Pakistani Serial,I had nothing to do.I sat with my mother and sister aimlessly and that was the time when Fatima Gul was about to get aired.I sat and literally “tried” to watch and bear those dubbed voices and all..My mother was the one who was doing commentary for me and was explaining me the relation of every single person with Fatima Gul.I was least interested in it,phir bhi murawwat mai sun lea..kuch samjhi kuch bhooli.. And when episode ended, I considered that it wasn’t that bad experience to watch any Turkish serial and that experience went, obviously, against my expectations.

Next day I sat with my mother again and deep inside started feeling bad for that poor girl. All I knew in this serial was Fatima Gul’s family.Rest of the families were unknown to me and I was not even interested in knowing them.Phir bhi my mother started telling me about them.Aik tou itnai ziada log,phir itnay ziada naam.I still remember that I was unable to memorize Kareem’s name,always mixed him with Saleem.And then my younger sister told me , “Aapi, ye black hair waala Kareem hai” and I memorized his name like that “ Ka se Kaalai baal or Ka se Kareem” .. :D..

I started liking the locations,the story line and specially that Mukaddas Khatoon made me attracted towards that serial..:p .. Aisi khatoon mai ne aaj tak kisi Pakistani setial mai nahi daikhi thei na.. :P..

Then I started watching the serial on alternate days.and then came the time when my mother started calling me in her room … Drama lag gaya aajao.. Or mai bhi chali jaati thei..

Gradually, that magic started mesmerizing me and I got much more inclined towards that serial. I started watching it regularly.And then came the time,when I sat infront of television much earlier than my mother and sister. :P..

Alas ! I got the fever of Turkish Serial too.. :P

I have heard many people saying that promoting Turkish serials is somehow making our television industry affected.But,according to my point of view,not even a single of viewers of any channel or any drama are lost because of these Turkish serials.

Pakistani Serials have,still,that spark left in them that they can make the people stick to them.I am not saying that people don’t watch Turkish Serials.They do watch them but alongwith Pakistani Serials.Because Turkish serials have that factor in them which attracts people towards them,maybe locations or maybe the artists..

So,I am not at all against Turkish Serials.They can’t harm our television Industry because our Pakistani Serials have strong roots within everyone’s hearts and minds.

So all those production houses and directors,that are afraid of these Turkish serial..Just stop it .. and Let me watch … Fatima Gul.. Bhaie AAKHIR MERA KASUR KYA.. :P ..



My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

    • its about naturallity in act for god sake…. why dnt u guys jst open your eyes and see
      that how to act natural in dramas… and when it comes on ISHQ-E-MAMNU or FATMA GUL u will notice that they act much better "FAAARR BETTER" and natural than paki and indians…

      • Then you should leave pakistan and go to turkey.. Pakistani dramas are one of the best dramas in the world and no one can deny that.. But still name one thing thats bad in pakistani drama?

  • It's not about liking or disliking.I think everyone could get attracted to such serials! It's about when people start comparing.They prefer Turkish over Pakistanis.Reason ? None.Then they blame Rehaai for affecting their children.But they love to see these dramas with family.They don't want anyone to miss it.It is very well said that a nation gets a leader as the nation itself is! Same is happening with Pakistan!

        • there was no need to be personal
          aap jo itni naik parveen ban rahi hain, kya aap ne kabhi zindagi mein koi indian film nahi dekhi?? dekhi hai na to isska kya matlab hai k aap bhi wohi dressing karo gi jo katrina ya kareena karti hain??lekin koi faida nahi aap se behad karne ka, we as a nation are double standard, kapron ko issue bana dete hain, lekin pooray kapray pehen k jo nange dialogues pakistani dramon mein hote hain woh hamein qabool hain,, har doosray dramay mein behen apne behnoi pe doray daal rahi hai, woh hamein manzoor hai, jis dramay ko aap support kar rahi hain Rehai uss mein kya dikhaya hai k pakistani mard beighairat hain? aapko iss se bhi koi masla nahi hoga kyonke pakistanion ka waqai ghairat se koi taaaluq nahi, kapray pooray pehne chahiyen, soch beshak kanjron wali ho, Rehai mein baap beti ka sauda kar raha hai to doosra apni ayashi ke liye apne se aadhi umar ki ladki se shadi kar rha hai? waah aapko to fkhar hoga na aise pakistani dramon pe…

          • Main ne Indian films dekhna chor di hain cux of their Cheapness !

            Aap ki suiii Rehai pe atak gai but want to tell u that Rehai k elawa b au bohat se Dramas hain ! Jahan itne ache bante hain wahan aik aisa ban jai (as per u, warna acha drama hai) tou is koi masla nahii !
            – Insaan ghaltii kar k hi seekhta hai !

          • Aisee begharit mard humare mashre main hain, so aap ka ye point bilkul fazool hai !

            Wese aise dialogues tou kisi kisi dramas main hote hain but Turkish Dressing, u can see in every play ! no need to comment more !

          • mujhe bhi pata hai k aise mard hamari society mein hain… baat yeh hai k hamare channels yahoodion ki marzi se chalte hain, jaan boojh k aise dramay banae jaate hain jin se Pakistan ki mazeed ruswai ho, kabhi baahir ke kisi mulk jaayen to aapko ehsas ho k Pakistanion ko treat kaise kiya jaata hai, hamare media ne hamara Image barbad kar diya hai poori dunya k saamne, hum India se sabaq kyon nahi lete, Indian society mein ham se ziada khamian hain lekin woh un pe parda daalte hain aur dunya ko dikhate hain sirf Glamour, hum apna soft image kyon nahi dikha sakte, i know k kuch ache dramay bhi hain jo mein bhi dekhta hoon lekin buhat ziada dramay sirf hamari society ko negative project karne pe lage hue hain….

      • Oh i understand where you come from ! Well at least you can tell your children not to watch Rehaai! It's not that hard is it ? And at least they are not kissing or wearing such clothes which require Blur in Rehaai.Shame on you for being a Pakistani and saying that!

      • Well then You are a crappy.. Are turkish soaps not spoiling your children i bet they are.. I bet you and your children do watch bollywood and hollwood movies are they not spoiling ur children?? Pakistani dramas are based on reality and its not neccessary for you to watch everydrama with ur children .. The story of rehaai is the shameful truth of our country and i think these type of contents should be showed so that people can gain awareness..

  • There is no FEVER as such after ishq e memnu which was the only Craze
    All other turkish serials have been mediocre
    However two of them Fatma Gul and Manahil and Khalil are still better than many Pakistani dramas
    atleast i m sick of seeing same faces and similar stories in every drama… monopoly of few directors and actors is the reason turkish dramas made their way into our homes bcoz they are Fresh, good looking people and attractive locations….

  • i think no one can destroy our media & now its our media by itself destroying or demolished it by making few good dramas out of many .same faces vulagarity (in the label of awareness) & much more so people shd switch to another good dramas either be the indian or turkish.we fight for the censor policy are biased with pakistani dramas but we donot adapt that wht r the qualities & elements in that dramas why so many people r watching them wht r the secret of their charismae beside the location or their beautiful actors/actress the main ingredient is their strong acting ,their simplicity their each & every bit of hardwork seen in every single episode their dresses r not even seen so vulgar (which is the main issue of fight).& more interestingly i myself not seen ISHQ-E-MAMNOON ,i came to know abt the drama aft its end but i curiously watch FATIMAH GUL.the story,star cast & acting all r perfectttt.

    • agreed, the brother and sister love shown in fatmagul between kareem and maryam aapa, and fatmagul and her brother is superb, whereas in our dramas every second drama shows sister planning to destroy sister, brother fighting with brother.. in a recent play Parchaiyan the elder brother and sister are shown hating their youngest sister, i mean what is this? i havent seen such in real.. what are media wants to convey??
      Also they hv shown supremacy of law in their country, how fatmagul has put the rich criminals into trouble by taking them to court??

      • also while blaming turkish soaps for vulgarity, do we forget nude dialogues in a lot of Pakistani dramas, like Resham's role in Mohabbat Bhar mein jaaye?? What was that?

      • I wonder why do you always point out the bad drama and not the good drama.. Aisey toh bollywood hollywood aur duniya ki kisi bhi industry main kuch buri films or dramas dikuaen jaate hai aur kuch achey , and isont think that prchaaiyan should be taken as an issue

  • I Do not Agree With this !!

    Turkish Dramas are ruining our Culture !!
    If our Actress wear short cloths then everybody starts to speak against them ! Everybody starts hating them ! People relate them with the teachings of Islam but when they are watching that behuda Turkish dramas they love to see that type of girls and proudly see them with Family !
    They even dont feel hesitated !

    maa aur beti aik hi larke k peeche parii hui hain, this is not in our Culture !

    Before Pakistani films and songs got the drawback now bcoz of these Lame Turkish Dramas, Drama Insustry can also get drawback !!

  • lanat hai turkish dramoon per. i have started hating people who watch these rubbish dramas…

    support ur country when u know we make the best dramas!

    • "I have started hating people who watch these rubbish dramas" – this is the kind of mentality people have who are against Turkish dramas. You are nothing but God damned dictators who want the rest of the Pakistanis to do as you see fit. Newsflash; it's called having a choice. We watch Pakistani dramas when we want. We can watch Turkish dramas when we want. If you're going to hate us for having a preference, then do us a favor and go jump off the nearest bridge. You have no place in this world. Better yet, go to Waziristan and let a jirga decide your fate. You'll probably get gang-raped.

  • we always go for everything other than what we have and what we are like hollywood , bollywood, indian dramas and now this new bakwas…

    instead of complaining why don't we do something to improve things here. a good eg is the latest PAKISTANI HORROR MOVIE "SIAH" good effort….but i bet no one had time to go and watch this movie instead watch these stupid turkish + indian serials!

  • Ishqe mamnoon was PHENOMENAL! I dont agree regarding the dubbing point of view except1 or 2 all voice overs are pretty good, infact riz kamali who is doing for beren saat(bihter/fatmagul)actually suits her.Expressions and dialogues it looks as if they themselves are delivering. And as far as fatmagul-(aakhir mera kassor kya) is concerned it is exceptionally impressive!!!Strong content,flawless acting by all the actors is commendable… even the background music all adds in to attract the viewers.I admire the fact that turkish really give realistic touch to all what they show from REAL courts to airports and so much more…….I truly cannot resist missing any of the episode, everyday comes in a new TWIST.Their dramas are acclaimed all over the world and therefore it is not surprising to have so much hype in pakistan too.To those specially our actors criticizing turkish invasion sorry but infront of them their work is merely overacting, they are just insecure of competing(but they should).They claim to have no boundaries,work all over the world then why RESTRICTING us,creating boundaries for us?Sorry but NOBODY can dictate anyone what to watch and what not to.IT is their story,acting,locations,music which is breath-taking.But as of now Fatmagul has conquered our hearts,infact ruling now and we DONT hesitate in appreciating what is worth it.

  • seriously…..fatmagul is so addictive….infact turkish serials are very …ADDICTIVEEE….AND they are really good…

  • superb …..
    And turkisk dramas are awsm just bc ov their story…
    and as u say Pakistan Serials Have strong root within everyone's Heart and mind.

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