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Two Cinemas Take Operation 021 Down A Day After Its Release

Operation 021 was a much anticipated film along with Na Maloom Afraad which was going to be released this Eid. While the film Na Maloom Afraad is still being shown in all the major cinemas, the film Operation 021 has been taken down from Bambino and Capri Cinema already only a day after it was released.

When the film was released in both these cinemas, it did not do good business at all. In Bambino cinema people were so disappointed with the film that they threw bottles on the screen which resulted in some damage as well.


The people running the show at these cinemas said they decided to take down the film only a day after its release because viewers did not like it. It could also be because it is in English.


“People did not like the film, possibly because it was an English film,” said Mukesh, the projection room operator at Bambino. “My staff came in and told me that people were throwing bottles on the screen, but I told them we cannot stop a scheduled show.”