Umair Jaswal At Star Iftaar With Sarmad Khoosat

The voice behind the very popular Sammi Meri Waar and playing the central character, Nawab Asif Jahan in Mor Mahal, Umair Jaswal is the new talk of the town. Sarmad Khoosat praised him for being very dedicated to his work and welcomed him to the show.

It was nice to see Umair Jaswal talk about his career. Initially, he didn’t give much thought to acting and even though he accepted a couple of film offers, he didn’t consider working in a TV drama until he was approached by Sarmad Khoosat. Umair Jaswal considers himself very lucky to have worked with the finest directors at the very start of his acting career. 

Umair Jaswal confessed that he is a big foodie and he especially loves sea food so Sarmad made Prawns today.

I liked what Umair Jaswal said about celebrating and enjoying festivals to the fullest because these days, people don’t get much excited about their own festivals, which is kind of sad if we think about it.

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I know, I know, all of us that were expecting Mahira Khan to grace the screen were disappointed. I mean, I tuned in, thinking to myself, aaj tou Mahira hi ayegi! I don’t know what the team had in mind but it’s understandable that they saved Mahira’s episode for the last and I am guessing that they were expecting 30 rozay. ;) But khair, the good news is that they will be airing Mahira’s episode tomorrow i.e. the first day of Eid, according to Star Iftaar Official Facebook page’s announcement. The first day of Eid is pretty busy for most people so I doubt if a lot of people would be able to watch it.


^This is just a screen shot, but you can view the actual video on the official page of Star Iftaar Facebook. 

Eid Mubarak to all the wonderful people who take time out to read the reviews and posts. I hope you all have a great time. Stay Blessed! :))))))



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