Ushna Shah Is Getting Threats From???

According to a local newspaper “Jahan Pakistan” the news of the affair between Ushna Shah and Hamayun Saeed are pathetic publicity stunts used by A & B productions so that people will forget about what a big flop Bashar Momin has been. The newspaper reported that according to their sources Ushna and Hamayun are under massive stress because of these rumors which have been spread by A & B productions.

Ushna Shah is being threatened so that she will stay quiet which is why she is not giving her views on the issue. The sources close to the actress have said that she has gone underground for now because no one is allowing her to speak on the issue. Some people are saying that she has left Karachi, other people are saying that some political personality is backing her up.


Hamayun Saeed said that the same people who started rumors of his affair with Ayesha Khan are behind this rumour too. He said that he was not going to take any names. Hamayun Saeed said that he is very close to Ushna Shah because she is like a sister. They even went out for dinner after this rumour started.

Ushna Shah may not be giving interviews to reporters but she posted on her facebook page that she could not say anything about the issue.