Ushna Shah Speaks Up About Ramzan Transmissions

Ushna Shah Speaks Up About Ramzan Transmissions

Ushna Shah has comes leaps and bounds in terms of acting and performance. For last six weeks, Alif Allah Or Insan’s most magical moments have been due to her breathtaking portrayal of an ambitious beggress.

The phenomenal actress has now shown that she is aware of the social conflicts in our society and wants to speak up about them. I, for one, find it commendable that coming from the same industry, she had the guts to outrightly criticise its most profitable business at the moment.

Everything she said was on spot. There is one thing to be religious because that aspect and its decision lies solely with the Almighty. But this is another altogether to pretend to be someone you are not and that’s not being judgmental. The taking on of dopattas only in Ramzan and calling religious scholars in dozens suddenly to appear on the show as if they have just now became aware of their existence in the society and those grand sets with swans roaming behind hosts and giving extravagant gifts every day to audience, all speaks for itself.

We certainly do live in a commercial era and everything that possible can be is on sale, but it would save our generations if we are able to draw the line somewhere and atleast not sell religion by decorating it and marketing it in its most glamorous form.

So hats off to Ushna Shah for speaking up against this hypocrisy and also explaining that by doing this, she is not trying to elevate herself on a moral pedestal. More power to you, girl !!!

Mehwish Mansoor