Usman Peerzada Talks About His Childhood And The World Of Direction

Usman Peerzada is a legendary actor and director who has done a great deal for the theatre in Pakistan particularly. Right now he is busy directing a play for Six Sigma Plus which will air on ARY Digital. He was invited as a guest to Maria Wasti’s Morning Show although he is not seen giving interviews very often. Usman Peerzada said that the theater nowadays with the cheap dances etc is not theater but it is like a night club. Talking about the youth in films especially with reference to direction he said,

“The tragedy of Pakistani youth is that the second they are done with their studies they want to come into direction whether it is directing a drama or film. What they don’t understand is that direction isn’t the art of wrapping 19 scenes in one day, it is much more than that. They should start from scratch and then go into direction.”


Talking about his marriage and relationship with his wife he said,

“We did not have any children for 12 years and those 12 years were very beneficial for us to understand each other. We are both difficult people to understand so it is good that we got that time. We have fought a lot too, we argued a lot but who doesn’t fight? Our mothers played a major role in making sure that our relationship lasted. I am very close to Samina’s mother and Samina is very close to my mother. “


Usman Peerzada also talked about his childhood. He said,

“I grew up in the world of theater. As a historical fact I would like to tell you that Sufi Tabbsaum was a very close friend of my father. My father was the one who asked him to write nonsensical poems for kids. Faiz Ahmed Faiz used to visit our house very often.”

Talking about the rule he followed in acting, he said,

“Acting is very easy, doing no acting is difficult. In my opinion acting started when dialogue ends. Anyone can learn a dialogues but natural acting is what this field is all about.”


Talking about different fields he said,

“Film is a very technical medium. The true area of the actor if theater. Film is a technician’s place. Radio becomes a tougher job for the actor because all the burden is on his shoulders.”

Usman Peerzada also had something to say about those actors who are only in the field because of their contacts. He said,

“Not everyone is born to be an actor, either you have it in you or you don’t. Some people nowadays are bent on acting only to torture the viewers.”

Usman Peerzada praised Sultana Siddiqui and HUM dramas in his interview.

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