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Veena Malik and the Anti-Indian Tweet Controversy!

Veena Malik has recently showed the other side of her thoughts by making an Anti-Indian tweet where she wrote that ‘India Sucks’. The mentioned tweet was in reference to her prior tweet which was a news about a 23-year-old German student who was allegedly molested and robbed by some auto drivers in New Delhi. Her tweet was all what the media was looking for and the news soon caught fire.  The audience soon started comparing her previous statements about India where she was found praising the Indians and the country itself.

The celebrities also felt accountable of sharing their views about the tweet. Singer Farhan Saeed said:

“It’s really sad if she did so, but then what else do we expect from Veena Malik? Anything that keeps her in the news. I think we artistes should be a bridge between the two countries, especially the ones who work on both sides of the border. But coming from Veena, it is surely a publicity stunt.”

When Hadiqa Kiani was asked for her stand on this, she said:

“It’s not about India or Pakistan . Human beings are the same everywhere. We must think beyond racism.”

The lead guitarist of Raeth, Sunny Ghanshyam, said:

“What is she all about? No one knew who Veena Malik was before she came to India. It’s only after she got a chance in Bollywood that she got her recognition here in India. She should be grateful and should owe her success to India. I’m sure she got this rishta out of what she is today or else it would have been really difficult for her to travel to the US. Sad how people change over times they need to respect the people and the place.”


So let us now see what our readers have to say on this. Please share your views,


Nida Zaidi

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