Veena Malik Shares The Story Of Her Friend Who Fought Against Cancer

Veena Malik is a famous Pakistani actress who has worked both in Bollywood and Lollywood. Recently, she took to Twitter to praise her friend who is a survivor of breast cancer. Her friend named Naela was left alone by her family when her family got to know about her disease. She fought alone and now she is a brave cancer survivor.

“Meet my new friend Naela. She is a breast cancer fighter. An inspiration for everyone; her charm, wit & sophistication leave one in awe. Naela, when told her family & friends was left alone, people called her ‘half-woman’,” shared Veena Malik.

“She was abandoned by the closed ones as some thought that meeting her will give them cancer. My friend didn’t back down, didn’t let herself scattered. No words can sum up her how AMAZING she is,” Veena continued.

“Naela is not alone. There r many women like her, present among us who are fighting breast cancer single minute of their lives. They are ONE of US. They are our mothers, sisters, daughters & friends. Let’s not leave them alone!! Let’s support them & stand shoulder to shoulder with them,” she concluded.

The story of Naela is surely an inspiration for all ladies out there. Long live, Naela!


Safina Jatoi is a content creator and editor at Reviewit. She loves to explore latest themes related to Pakistani Showbiz and Latest Happenings.