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Veena Malik Talks About Motherhood And Life After Marriage

Veena Malik and her husband Asad Bashir Khattak were invited to Aplus’ Morning Show today in which they talked all about their family life and future plans. Veena Malik wore a traditional dress and covered her head. Talking about the big changes in her life in the past few years Veena Malik said,

“I was living in a fairytale, I didn’t know what practical life was like. Getting married and having kids has taught me what practical life is all about and it is very beautiful.”


Veena Malik plans to have a big family. She said,

“I am always very concerned about my kids and my house. As you people have seen we don’t have a nanny, we take care of the kids ourselves. Both me and my husband have a lot of siblings so we are all for having a big family.”

Veena’s husband said that he was a very patriotic person even though he was brought up in Pakistan. He said,

“I had the option of getting American citizenship but I am a Pakistani and will always stay a Pakistani. We have traveled all around the world but the feeling you get living in Pakistan, you don’t get it anywhere else.”


Talking about why it took them so long to come back to Pakistan Asad said,

“My family is abroad and my business is there too. We wanted to wait till we had a proper family of our own before we came to Pakistan. Now that we have 2 kids, we thought this was a good time to come back to Pakistan.”

Veena Malik said that her heart was always with Pakistan no matter where she worked. She said,

“Even when I was in India my heart was in Pakistan. I always supported my country whenever there was a match or anything else.”

Farah asked her about her experience of working in India and whether she will recommend going to India to any other Pakistani celebrity to which she replied,

“Art does not have borders. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. If people can face everything that comes as a part and parcel of going to India then they should. If you ask me I will never go to India because I cannot face all that criticism from my own people now. I want to work in Pakistan for my own people.”


Farah asked Asad why he didn’t ask Veena to change her name to Veena Asad or Veena Khattak. He said,

“What difference does it make? She will still be my wife no matter what her full name is.”

Was Veena Malik afraid that people will criticize her again? Replying to this question she said,

“I worked like any other actress, nothing about what I did was worth criticizing but I was only criticized because I belonged to an army family. I only change my path because of my family, my people and my God. I left a lot of things but I have no regrets.”


Veena Malik also said that people have always seen the colorful side of her but,

“There are a lot of things about my life – many upside downs – which people do not know about and I want to keep these things to myself too.”

Asad Bashir Khattak also sand a patriotic song of his own to prove just how much he loved his country. Veena Malik also sang a few lines. It looks like Veena and her husband want to do something to make a place in people’s heart.

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