Veena Malik to lose Pakistani Nationality

Veena malik, a Lollywood face and a Bollywood star started as a comedian in Pakistan, progressing with successive decline and flopped movies in Pakistan is now gaining popularity and fame in India. Since the day Veena appeared on the neighboring showbiz screen, it seems that her life took a new turn, bringing new successes, at the cost of losing her own nationality!

Although it has not yet revealed whether Veena would a pay a final farewell to Pakistan for her career in the neighborhood, it is to be seen that Veena has had been way too successful in earning the hatred of the people of Pakistan.

Reasons for Veena Been Hated so much!

While a survey been conducted on Veena, people were found to complain that being a Muslim she was supposed to follow the norms and limits, which she totally started to cross from her debut television show Big Boss, where her acts and mode made her people embarrassed, not only in India but throughout the world.

Another allegation is that she kept on going with various shameful steps on the names of being bold and challenging. Her nude photo shoot on FHM cover has totally freaked out every Muslim ever present on earth, raising the questions on the religion been followed by Veena.

It seems that there is no end for Veena. Realizing the feedback from her home country against her, she didn’t take a breath and came all over again with her sizzling album of Drama Queen where in the shimmering short clothes she went through the on screen kissing.

However, Malik tried to neutralize things by appearing as host in a religious show in a third rated channel.

The religious Scholars were found speaking against it in the following words:

“Extremely anger on program Istaghfar by veena malik, a woman of symbol of vulgarity! How she and channel owner dare to play with the sentiment of 18 crore Muslims of Pakistan, Despite the pressure by whole nation before starting this program, how this is being on aired? Do not play Istaghfar a joke or entertainment anymore; stops it at the moment before Allah got angry on this joke!

The Demand!

It is now that Veena has turned into a popular celebrity who is hated by every individual within her country, whether a celebrity or an ordinary person. According to the latest reveals, Moamar Rana, a renowned film Star reported to have said:

Nida Zaidi


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  • Guyz stop critizing veena malik this is only wastage of our time that v r wasting on veena malik this is her own matter than why we r wasting our time on veena u r know she forget that she is muslim lady now we should just start praying for her that allah give her sense to know that she is a muslim lady plz guyz stop posting on her nd veena plz try to undrstand u r a muslim lady if u know that u r muslim than never u did these character less thng nd there r alot of time u can pray to allah that allah forgive u

  • Who the hell asked about veena mailks religion?? havent the interrogators seen Malika sherawat and porn stars involved in the blue print business? do they ask their religions too? this Veena malik topic is a shit. . is vena the only so called muslim doing not supporting her in anyway but i thnk the kind of WORK shes doing is already a perfect business in the world first stop that if u can!

  • but i think our govt should do that i wish,she is nt able to exept as a muslim n pakistani .

  • who jerk told you that she is popular in India?oh com on she iz a shit there same as in Pakistan…y u giving such a fukin publicity to such moron actress by debating… oh sorry calling her an actress i think insult of showbiz and film fraternity…..just flush out her who is she? just a normal an ordinary exposy item…even sunny leone can be a better then her

  • niether she have gud looks niether gud figure nor she have some kind of acting skill not even an educated women….then wot is she? y u guys notice her?in actual such kind of people or veena …she is just doing all this to get a bit fame….she iz a gal who can even put off her whole clothes for fame…totally naked……that she alredy proved so F***** off her

  • Keeping in view his almost nude pictures, views and nature of work in indian films; and based on Islamic religion teaching, no doubt she is not a Muslil Lady. She has crossed all the limits. Her religion is money and publicity. She even don't care of his parents and brothers, when they see her nude pictures and dirty dances what they will be thinking.

    I strongly recommend Pakistani Government must cancel his nationality and never allow her to enter in pakistan.

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