Veena Malik Turns Controversial-Social Media Accounts Hacked!


Oh Veena, Why you NO Stop?? If this is what you are thinking again, welcome to the league. Veena Malik has had been in news for her marriage with a businessman which was certainly an unexpected move on her credit but before the news could settle completely, the drama queen is again back into the highlights since Sunday morning when her inappropriate pictures were seen posted on her social media accounts. While the news caught fire on social media, Veena proved herself fast enough to reveal her story which was covered by almost all of the private channels.

As per Veena’s statement her digital marketing manager Parashant has hacked all his Facebook and Twitter accounts and is now posting her pictures on them. Veena, giving a reference of her newlywed husband, Veena clarified that her husband is a pathan and knows very well how to provide her protection and respect. Speechless!

See the video below to know more details,

Leaving you with a point to think that why does everything bad happens to Veena Malik only?

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