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Veena Malik’s White Wedding Dream Came True !

Veena always dreamt of white wedding right from her childhood and finally,her dream came true. Her white wedding took place in  world’s most luxurious cruise of USA- ‘Spirit of Washington’. The host and best man of the wedding was Asad’s younger brother Arshad Khattak. Close family friends and relatives were invited at the wedding that made a total of around 400 people on their wedding.

Enjoy the wedding photos here :

veena-malik-white-wedding veena-malik-white-wedding2 veena-malik-white-wedding3 veena-malik-white-wedding4 veena-malik-white-wedding5 veena-malik-white-wedding6 veena-malik-white-wedding7 veena-malik-white-wedding8 veena-malik-white-wedding9 veena-malik-white-wedding10 veena-malik-white-wedding-celebrations-1 veena-malik-white-wedding-celebrations-2 veena-malik-white-wedding-celebrations-3 veena-malik-white-wedding-celebrations-4 veena-malik-white-wedding-celebrations-5 veena-malik-white-wedding-celebrations-7 veena-malik-white-wedding-celebrations-8 veena-malik-white-wedding-celebrations-9 veena-malik-white-wedding-celebrations-10 veena-malik-white-wedding-celebrations-25

I would love to read your comments about this wedding.

Rabia Basharat.

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