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Viewership of news channels increased as compared to entertainment channels

Throughout the world entertainment channels attract majority of viewership but the situation is somewhat different in our country. There are more news channels than entertainment channels, while entertainment channels are mainly watched by ladies. The male section of society is normally more tilted towards news and sports channels. But the ongoing political situation has greatly attracted the attention of female section as well, who are now preferring to watch the live coverage of long marches and dharna happening in Red Zone, Islamabad instead of a recorded drama in prime time.

As per medialogic the comapny which manages the TRP, viewership of news channels has increased by 60% while 20% decreased for entertainment channels since 14th August. The increase in viewership has also benefitted the news channels in the form of increased revenue. Means television audience are preferring news channels as a source of entertainment over the specialized entertainment channels. See the actual report by BBC Urdu

Source: (The video can also be viewed from this link)

Rashid Nazir Ali