‘Waar’ Trailer Released-Coming Soon!

The movie which was supposed to make its way to the cinema houses this Eid will now be releasing somewhere in coming months and has released its official trailer. Enjoying a rich cast, where we see Shan Shahid, Ayesha Khan, Shamoon Abbasi, Ali Azmat, Meesha Shafi and actors like them in lead roles, the movie is all about loving your country. The movie highlights the current issues of Pakistan and the fact that all it need to improve the situation is patriotism.

Here is its promo. Have a look!

Share your views about the film,


Nida Zaidi

  • Rashid Nazir Ali

    as per press reports, it is the most expensive film in pakistani history, in pakistan mostly amount of budget of a movie is not revealed officially, its total business is also not mentioned properly, like films of other countries.

    from promos it seems to be on war on terrorism, the first film on such subject khuda ke liye was a superhit .but it also has side storylines of iman ali and shaan in parallel apart form main theme of terrorism,after watching promo of waar the only thing come to my mind is that there is too much violence in this movie, perhaps they should add some light scenes in promo too, to promote the lighter side of movie (apart from main theme of terrorism).


  • MishUmar

    You havnt even watched it yet. Save your criticisms for after you actually know what youre criticizing. Lol