Aunn Zara Episode 08 – Head Over Heels.

Aunn Zara Episode 08 – Head Over Heels.

So, it was more like a musical that echoed pleasantly in our ears. Everyone channeled out their feelings through melodies. A few were amazing but the others were innocently hideous. Haha!

Before saying anything, I must say I am enjoying everyone’s time to time ‘kiyafay’ about Zara & her health. Aunn Zara both are in their very early stages of falling in love where you just smile to yourself & as a recorded history you lose you appetite, you take those timely glances that make your heart flutter & those little gestures that can make your heart skip a beat. That growing longing for each other that they portrayed was adorable. It was so much like a typical newly wedded couple where one of them wants to spend sometime with the spouse & the other is hesitant as they’re too engaged in the huge family chores. What makes it more interesting is Zara being unaware about what sort of messages even her expression send to her in-laws, haha!

In the middle of all these events Aunn definitely found peace after he blurted everything out in front of Manzar. I guess Aunn should know that he can not completely rely on Manzar’s intelligence because he skips some common sense at times too, lol! His song list was amazing I must say.

I find the idea of sooooo many ladies sharing such a strong & nice bond as a breath of fresh air. Each one of them pays utmost attention to the other & all the arguments are solely seen where someone is convincing the other. Husna & Daadi have such a nice relation & Zara is enjoying the benefits of their healthy relation too. Husna is equally caring towards Zara because she herself found a nice ‘saas’.

Zara wanted to celebrate the wedding anniversary but even though Daadi knew how Husna would feel, she tried to talk Husna into it because she knew Zara meant something good & expected the whole family to have a good time. Husna’s sacrifice means a lot where she put her ‘bahu’s’ feelings ahead of her own & subtly enjoyed the eve of her anniversary.

Aunn’s songs were so funny & what’s funnier was that he actually sang those songs thinking he’d prove a point to Zara. He’d be able to convey his feelings to her. Zara, obviously was too excited about her own little party plan that she didn’t bother paying a heed to him. His ‘kabhi kabhi mere dil mai’ was a decent choice of a song but again couldn’t help him convey his feelings. I loveeed how he sang it. lol!

Finally, Zara has admitted falling in love with him too which is equally sweet. This episode focused more on their growing feelings towards each other which I thoroughly enjoyed & obviously felt that it ended too quickly. Can’t wait to see more of their chemistry & how they put their egos aside & confess how madly they have started to fall in love with each other. Can’t wait to see more of their love roller-coaster.

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