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Mathira and Meera – Not The Best Choice!

If given an option, would Meera and Mathira be your top choices for celebrities you want to spend your Eid with? If the reply of most of the readers is in negative then I wonder why our Morning Show hosts in particular are convinced that it is important to invite such controversial AND unbearable celebrities or more like attention seekers to shows in order to get the attention of the public. The viewers were not spared even during Ramazan and now on Eid day also it is almost as if there is a competition between Morning Shows hosts as to who can bag these celebrities first.














Isn’t it sad that our television industry is full of talented and decent people but our Morning Show hosts never make the effort to call them on their shows so that people can enjoy quality entertainment on Eid? On the contrary, they resort to short cuts in order to get the attention of the public. They know that there are many viewers who will get amused by Mathira’s and Meera’s cheapness and some more will watch it out of curiosity; in short it will serve the purpose so why put in extra effort to call some decent, intelligent and not to mention more talented people to the show.



Some of these Morning Show hosts appear to play second fiddle in their own shows while these over the top and strange women take over their shows. They may get attention for all the wrong reasons but all they want is attention, it doesn’t matter whether it is positive or negative.
The norm now is that the louder and most controversial an Eid show is, more people will be attracted to it. I am certain that there are many intelligent viewers who do not jump at the prospect of watching Mathira, Meera and the likes in Eid special shows. Does the presence of such guests show the mentality of the Morning Show organizers or does it prove that most viewers are hypocrites; they may criticize such controversial celebrities but the fact is that they actually want to see them. Because if these celebrities were so unpopular why would there be virtually a race between Morning Show hosts to get hold of them.

I have read the views of many viewers on different forums and I am very convinced that people just want celebrities/attention seekers like Mathira to “disappear’! But then when these celebrities appear on every second show especially special shows like Ramazan special and Eid specials , I wonder if the channels are cashing in on all the “popularity” which these women have among public. You know the urdu saying “Badnam hun gaye tu kya naam na ho ga”. Is that really the case? Are Mathira, Meera and others like them invited to shows because they actually get the channels the TRPs they want?