Mathira and Meera – Not The Best Choice!

If given an option, would Meera and Mathira be your top choices for celebrities you want to spend your Eid with? If the reply of most of the readers is in negative then I wonder why our Morning Show hosts in particular are convinced that it is important to invite such controversial AND unbearable celebrities or more like attention seekers to shows in order to get the attention of the public. The viewers were not spared even during Ramazan and now on Eid day also it is almost as if there is a competition between Morning Shows hosts as to who can bag these celebrities first.














Isn’t it sad that our television industry is full of talented and decent people but our Morning Show hosts never make the effort to call them on their shows so that people can enjoy quality entertainment on Eid? On the contrary, they resort to short cuts in order to get the attention of the public. They know that there are many viewers who will get amused by Mathira’s and Meera’s cheapness and some more will watch it out of curiosity; in short it will serve the purpose so why put in extra effort to call some decent, intelligent and not to mention more talented people to the show.



Some of these Morning Show hosts appear to play second fiddle in their own shows while these over the top and strange women take over their shows. They may get attention for all the wrong reasons but all they want is attention, it doesn’t matter whether it is positive or negative.
The norm now is that the louder and most controversial an Eid show is, more people will be attracted to it. I am certain that there are many intelligent viewers who do not jump at the prospect of watching Mathira, Meera and the likes in Eid special shows. Does the presence of such guests show the mentality of the Morning Show organizers or does it prove that most viewers are hypocrites; they may criticize such controversial celebrities but the fact is that they actually want to see them. Because if these celebrities were so unpopular why would there be virtually a race between Morning Show hosts to get hold of them.

I have read the views of many viewers on different forums and I am very convinced that people just want celebrities/attention seekers like Mathira to “disappear’! But then when these celebrities appear on every second show especially special shows like Ramazan special and Eid specials , I wonder if the channels are cashing in on all the “popularity” which these women have among public. You know the urdu saying “Badnam hun gaye tu kya naam na ho ga”. Is that really the case? Are Mathira, Meera and others like them invited to shows because they actually get the channels the TRPs they want?


  • there was too much Meera in eid shows , she was in Geo – Dr Shaista show, ARY Digital – Nida Yasir show, she was also on dunya tv, express tv and on ptv.

    ur point of view that these are invited to gain ratings, is perhaps the exact reason.

  • These hosts are just cashing in on these people making fools of themselves. This is what we are coming to..Its such ashame!

  • Why are these channels allowing these trash shows, have they forgotten Pakistan is a muslim country and they should show and promote Islam in good behavior , these shows are full of embarrassments. For me it's more like mocking muslims…it's sad

    • Does the public follow islam fully? the majority says they want shariah in Pakistan but i bet non of them follows shariah in many cases we are a nation of hypocrite people we are not people of our word there is soo much difference in what we say and what we do we should first look at ourselves

      • I agree the nation is hypocrite, but those channels has also a responsibility and also the parents, if they don't boycott these channels, our children will take examples from trash shows….then they shouldn't complain about there children behavior

  • Well they all just want to create wrong envorbnment n make the new genration on wrong ways , they can call the able people who guide people about good field too.

  • Please get up man….where r our morning shows going on…..inviting Mathira and Meera just for TRP is not more than "Dheetpan"and"cheapness"…….I can't see any qualitative Morning show in Pakistan…..As we had before like NKS and more…….when will this Rating race come to an end???????

    • really…this all has become ridiculous!!only rating etc has become the priority of these morning shows no information can be attained by these shows….when will this all over?????

  • Always same faces meera shabeerjan his wife sahiba Rambo khusbu his husband saud javeriya and know mathira shame on Pakistan government who alllowsssssssssst that ziaulhaq Tyme was better!!!!

    • Agree with you………these morning shows have become like a daily soap…..same people are coming again and again……..why don't they invite Fawad,sarmad,sajjal,Bushra,Sanam saeed,aiza khan,mahira khan,and many new and fresh faces about which people want to know……….

  • yeah absolutely! we should look ourselves what we are in our lives. they are showing all this trash on our likes dont you see the messages on their official pages. although we are muslim but alas! we dont even khnow the meaning of muslim…..we should think about our selves…

  • what a shame for all of them
    these peoples are going on and on to attain the height of vulgarity
    who gave them the right to change the definition of islam and make their own amendments in the rules and regulations of our holy religion
    and one more thing that i don't get is
    are their parents dead or what?
    these peoples are a disgrace to their families and to the whole country as well
    jeers to all of them

  • Mathira,Meera,veena all are well known pice of shit….what do u expect from them…the question is why they are being invited in such holy events…i'll blame the tv channels owner whom are they? the muslim,Hindu or some bharwa,prostitue…Allah knows better..if the tv channel owner will be bharwa what'd u expect from them?…

  • hey saud those decent actors about whom u r talking do not come on these cheap shows where everybody's dancing on indian tunes and there's no difference between male and female because they are very decent so they don't come here even when they are invited aur reh gayi meera and mathira inko tou bus paisay offer kardo tou show pay haazir ho jaati hain

  • dont blame ARY only Geo and Hum also invited such cheap models and actresses and secondly morning shows mein aanay walay actors fixed hein mathira meera nadia mani and those two cheap sisters and those two shoday twin brothers 100 dafa a chukay heiye and secondly ghor kiya jaey to in ke baat cheet bilkul he bey bunead fazul bachgana aur over hoti .there was a morning show on a news channel ,in that show a man was showing some clues so that others may identify it.the clues showed that he was talking about a pregnanat women and was acting like that. Whats this ???????? kitna ajeeb aur shod pana hae ye kya aesi batein achi lagti hein live ???

  • I don't know whts wrong with our social media every one wants the ratting no one even cares about the quality of the show every one wants to be rich and famous in just one night . Mathira,meera and others fall in the same category…..

  • yar kea bakwas hai ye sub etna ghusa ata hai mujy es mathira khoti par bagairat tv per a kar humary bachy kharab karti hai etna etna ghatia step mar re hoti hai k dil chata hai sali ko tv say kheynch kar bahir asi sza di jai k pharak k mar jai sali har waqt muah muah karti reti hai sali chumma factory…. ar meera uski tau English suntay he dil ghabra jata hai isi liye tau bache iski English sun k fail hotay hain kyu k wo isi ko tau copy marte en…

    • EK ye mathira h jis se apni chest pe dupata tu sambhalta nhi h es ne aur kya krna h she is the symbol of vulgarity bloody bitccchhh

  • strongly agree with you…… Allah bless us with the occation of Eid to thank him….. to celebrate it in an islamic way……. I dont know wht has happend to these ppl…. one day before Eid they pray for Allah,s mercy, n next day they started showing such shoes……. new generation is going towards wrong path….whos responsible for that…?????….. May Allah Guide us with right path…… !

  • v simply dnt watch dx cheap morning n eid shwx n indian awardx showx. . . so v dnt no who comes on dx shwx n who dx nt. . . . n dix ix dh bxt way to avoid em . . . its nt only meera n mathira itx shw'x hosts which r unbearabl as well . .

    • I also dnt watch these kind of rubbish but sometimes nida rises such kind of serious issues of our society that I liked her but this time all the morning shows prove them cheap in short kanjar khana lga rkha tha

  • Fully agreed. Is kisam ke be sharme ko rokne ke liye hame kuch karna chahey. YAhe waja hy ke Allah hamare Mulk par AZAB farma raha hy. Be-haye, dance, gathya mazaq karna aur mathira jese logo ko aur barha charha kar pesh karna ye sub akhrat ke neeshanya hy…..

  • If these same TV channels are showing Indian dramas on Pakistan 's Independence Day then they are not bothered to invite sick people like Mathira, Meera and like

    • you are absolutely right in saying and judgeing, I havn;t seen personalities like Dr, Atta ur rehman and Dr. Abdul Qadeer khan in these showz. Untill and unless our Gov banned thses so called meadia personnals they coundn't retreat back.

  • Yar ye aap logo ny apni website ko kya kar diya hy koi bhi review nahin khul raha aur baqi cheezain bhi jumbled up hainnnn plzzzzzz plzzzzz isko wapis pehlay jaisa kar dein

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