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Josh Movie Private Premiere Pictures!

The movie which is striving really hard to give a tough competition to the Bollywood and Hollywood releases in the country as a standalone Pakistani movie is attracting more audience day by day. Josh is a movie which reveals all about the lives of people who live in rural areas of Pakistan and are under a great pressure of feudalism. The cast of the movie is further motivating the Pakistani drama lovers to see actors like Amina Sheikh,  Mohib Mirza, Naila Ali and Naveen Waqar on big screen.

The film’s private premiere early in August was a successful event in Karachi where many celebrities showed up to support the movie at Atrium Mall-Karachi.

Here are a few snaps been taken, have a look!

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Now that the movie is all available in cinemas and I am also done with the rituals of Eid, I am done with the ticket purchasing of the movie for this Monday and will be watching the movie with my family to support the local content. Have you grabbed your tickets by now?

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Nida Zaidi