Was Mohsin Abbas Haider Another Victim Of Misuse Of The MeToo Campaign

Mohsin Abbas Haider and his wife Fatima Sohail came into the limelight when Fatima alleged that she had been physically assaulted and suffered domestic abuse at the hands to Mohsin.

Following Fatima’s accusations a number of celebrities including Dua Sohail and Gohar Rasheed claimed to be eye witnesses of the abuse Mohsin had inflicted upon his wife.

The case was then referred to court and proceedings began. However, not much coverage was given to Mohsin and Fatima’s case once it reached the court.

Now, after everything has been done and dusted with, Mohsin Abbas appeared in a talk show where he opened up about the entire case with Mubasher Lucman.

The gist of the talk was how none of the allegations filed against Mohsin had been proven in the court and that he was ruled innocent on charges filed against him. For the domestic abuse case, which Mohsin claimed was high profile and had investigations done twice because Fatima Sohail’s side wasn’t satisfied, nothing was proven and even Mohsin’s and Fatima’s locations came in differently at the time of the reported incident.

Another thing which Mohsin went on to state was how he had been paying for his son’s needs since day one while Fatima had filed a case against him. “The other day I was videochatting with my son and I asked Fatima if she had the same account so that I could send in money for him. The next day I know I had a case for child support filed against me,” said Mohsin.

The actor cum singer however, stated that he had proven all cheque receipts for the money he had been sending his wife for his son and everything had been proven in front of the courts.

While Fatima has to give a statement countering claims that Mohsin made in Lucman’s talk show. It is indeed something to ponder about whether the entire case was staged and did Mohsin Abbas Haider was a victim of the much hyped #MeToo campaign just as Jhonny Depp who was victimized by wife Amber Heard who sued him for domestic abuse.

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  • Victim?? Are u serious? He is a manipulator , liar and culprit… Allah pak behtreen insaaf keren… he will face the consequences..

    • I agree with you. In one of the interviews he agreed he has a serious anger problem. I am glad the wife said no to the abuse he was inflicting on her. You should be responsible news channel and support her. This will give courage to other women to stand against the abuse

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