Waseem Akram Spends Time With His Son In Australia

The Pakistani cricketer Waseem Akram has been married not once but twice. He first got married in 1995 with Huma Mufti and his first marriage ended due to the tragic death of his wife.

The couple was blessed with two sons, Tahmoor and Akbar. Wasim Akram took to Twitter and shared the quality time he spent with Tahmoor.

Hanging with my handsome son in Australia and missing my other one who’s currently in America. Love you Tahmoor!!!! Ps, this is the first time I’ve managed to see my sons full face as a gust of wind blew his fringe away from the eye that it’s been covering for 4 years.”

Wasim Akram fell in love again with an Australian woman named Shaniera Thompson. The couple got engaged in July 2013, after which they decided to get married the next month. The couple had a baby daughter in December 2014 in Melbourne, whom they named Aiyla.

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