Wasim Akram Gave A Fitting Reply To Hater

Well we don’t know about the rest, but Keyboard Warriors and Keyboard Mullahs of Pakistan are always ready to attack. Whenever any celebrity either male of female posts a pictures Ghairat Brigades reaches their promptly to share their piece of advice. Now we all are familiar with the comments like” ARE YOUR EVEN MUSLIM?” and “IS THIS ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN?” and many others.

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Keyboard Warriors never stays away from moral policing celebrities about their dressing. They have also addressed people about the proper way that how a father should show affection towards his daughter. But now its getting out of hands.

Wasim Akram Gave A Fitting Reply To Hater

The recent incident really enthralled us. The legend of cricket Pakistan Wasim Akram uploaded a picture with his little daughter while walking. And there came this man who took the duty to educate Wasim Akram that how his subteen daughter should dress properly.

Wasim Akram Gave A Fitting Reply To Hater

The Baby girl is wearing  shorts and the man said: “She is a little princess but you have to follow Islam please teach him to wear some good clothes”

The advisor must definitely need to know the difference between “His or Her” first.

Wasim Akram who never pays heed towards the hate comments came forward because this time his daughter was been attacked and replied: “Are you serious, mind your freaking own business”

Wasim Akram Gave A Fitting Reply To Hater

Do you guys agree with Wasim Akram? Is it right to moral police a pre-teen girl? Share your views in comments section!

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