Watch Ali Zafar’s New Video On All That’s Wrong Today

Ali Zafar is one of those celebrities who came to spotlight with only one talent but evolved many more in all the the years they have been in showbiz. From being ranked among the most handsome men in Asia, to speaking on all kinds of philanthropic and social issues, he has always expressed his concern and wishes for this world to be a better, kinder and easier place in which all types of people can co exist.

Two days back, he has written, recited and shared a short video on his social media kuch toh ghalat ho raha hai, where he is talking about all the painful issues in Pakistan and across the globe.

Kuch Tou Ghalat Ho Raha Hai. Written and Recited by Ali Zafar #AliZafar #Recitation #Poetry #SpokenWord #AZWritings

Публикувахте от Ali Zafar в Петък, 3 ноември 2017 г.


Mehwish Mansoor