Watch Sahir Lodhi Getting Insecure On His Show

Sahir Lodhi, the self acclaimed Shahrukh Khan of our industry makes sure he remains in the news for one reason or the other. He is unprecedented in doing the oddest of antics on every public platform that he gets the chance to grace.

Last week on The Sahir Lodhi Show, he had invited the cast of Chain Aye Na and it was kind of a promotional show with clips from the movie and its songs.

To end it all, there was a dancing segment at the conclusion of the show. The guests of the show especially Behroz Sabzwari were dancing enthusiastically, when Sahir suddenly realised that it is his very own one man show and he just cannot let anyone.. anyone at all steal the stage. So hyper he goes, dancing wildly in the centre of all the people. His steps would put Nargis to shame. So much so that the other guests were kind of intimidated by this over the top performance and their moves become slower and slower as they gaped at Sahir of The Sahir Lodhi Show dancing on Afghan Jalebi song.

In case you have not had anything hilarious happening this Saturday, we present to you Sahir Lodhi ;

Mehwish Mansoor