Raat Ka Nasha From PNJG Features Ushna Shah

Punjab Nahi Jaungi has to be the most heavily marketed movie of today. Releasing On Eid ul Azha, they have already started the pre-booking. Ary films have been releasing promos and teasers of the movie as well its official songs which have served well to increase its anticipation among the public.

Today a new song from the movie has been released called Raat Ka Nasha.  It’s lyrics are by Ahmed Ali Butt and the vocals are by Damia, Rizwan and Ahmed Ali Butt.

The song features Ushna Shah all glammed  up in a western outfit ready to dance the night away with Azfar Rehman which she does fabulously in the video. Mehwish Hayat is looking gorgeous as well but she appears to be lost in her thoughts and and an unsaid and unheard conversation is being carried out between her and Humayun Saeed while the whole world goes around them singing and dancing in what appears to be a night club.



Mehwish Mansoor