Balochistan’s First Contemporary Film to hit Cinemas Soon!

Pakistan’s biggest province in terms of area is Balochistan. However, unfortunately it is the most behind in terms of development. The Balochistan film industry is the most neglected industry of all the provinces.

According to the producers the film “Sangat” will be the very first of its kind. It is an upcoming contemporary production of Baloch cinema. The producer Waheed Albushi, further said he and his team is looking forward to revive cinema in the province.

He rightly pointed out the development that is required by the Balochistan film Industry.

Though the Pakistani film industry is undergoing a revival of sorts, the Balochistan film industry has yet to develop as there is a dearth of the filmmakers here.

He further shared his grievances saying that the cinemas are being converted to shopping malls.

In the last few years, four out of the seven cinemas in Quetta have been closed down due to lack of productions.

The movie’s plot revolves around the story of five friends and involves a lot of drama and action sequences.

It was filmed in Oman, and was made with a budget of Rs 3 million.

Albulshi further added that plan to release the film nationwide as well as in Gulf states is under works, and that it will premiere in Balochistan in the “coming weeks”.

The director of the film, Sami Sarang , in an interview to a local news agency, said that he wants to portray a different side of Balochistan through this film. He also shared what he hopes to achieve with this film,

We are hoping to lay down a foundation and build a strong film industry so that the young Baloch talent has a platform to showcase their skills.

The trailer of the film was released last year, but due to some technical difficulties, the release date for delayed:

Arsala Khalid