Indian Band’s Version of Pakistani National Anthem Better than Coke Studio’s?

Who says Indians and Pakistanis need to be enemies? Arch nemesis of one another? The two countries separated nearly 70 years ago. Both the countries took different directions since then. So why the bad blood?

An Indian acapella band proved that both countries can be friends if they want to be. The acapella band sang Pakistan’s national anthem and dedicated it to Pakistan as a gift for its 70th Birthday. Isn’t that a heartwarming gesture?

The video begins with a heart-felt message reading, ‘This is our way of wishing you, Happy Birthday Pakistan.’

The efforts of this Indian band is being appreciated greatly by Pakistanis on social media but let’s be honest, that was to be expected. However, now a lot of people are stating that the version that the Indian band has made is better than Coke Studio’s rendition!

Have a listen to what our Indian friends came up with:

Now, give a listen to the Coke Studio version:

Regardless of which one you prefer, we appreciate both their efforts!

Arsala Khalid