“We are called the king-makers and they are always bigger than kings”, says Frieha Altaf

Frieha Altaf has been in the industry since the past three decades. She rules the world of modeling, fashion, acting and event management. She has been quite a trend setter too.

She has recently dismissed the brand title while speaking to The Express Tribune:

“Talents is always out there. It is actually our responsibility to discover the next super model, the next best comedian in the country. We can take anybody and make them a star. We are called the king-makers and they are always bigger than kings,”

She added:

“Most people define success as money, as fame, as power. To me that’s not success. To me, success is becoming the person you want to be and being happy.”

She has been part of this industry since 1989 and she is known for her fearless and ambitious aura.

“I have not just introduced award shows here, I have introduced lots of things. For example, Pakistan’s first modeling agency, first television magazine show and a lot of other things,” she said.

She is also the pioneer of the Lux Style Awards which are one of the biggest award shows of Pakistan.

“I think what I introduced was one of the biggest award shows. But anyone can pull off an award show. You win when you keep it alive by restoring it every year.”

 About running an event management company in Pakistan, she said:
“You are dependent on good weather, security, clients, vendors, artists and you prepare out things for months and months and at the end, you have few hours to deliver. So there are a lot of challenges when it comes to event management,” she confessed.
She also believes that her key to success is always staying calm even when things are not going as planned:
 “I am a scuba diver. I jump off the boat at night in the dark with just a light on my head. You can’t see anything and when you feel like you are drowning, the first thing they tell you is not to panic,” she said. “So every time you feel that there is a moment of crisis, the most important thing is not to panic.”
While speaking about her future plans, she said:
“There is a sort of treasure box of ideas sitting there which needs to be opened up and released but you can’t do everything. You need to be focused on few of the ideas and execute properly.”