This Pakistani girl left her six-figure job in Islamabad to teach children in Hunza

It is a virtue only few are blessed with when they can let go of financial bliss and choose to do something to help others around them.

Marvi Soomro from Pakistan is one such girl who let go of a six figure salary to teach children in the Hunza Valley of Pakistan.

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She quit her job as a software engineer in order to teach school children in the Misgar, a valley in Hunza.

Marvi visited Misgar in the summer of 2016 on a week long art residency. She says that the valley has a primitive lifestyle but the people are warm and open.

“I have never felt like an outsider and I never had to conform in any way. I continued wearing jeans and sweaters and felt as much at home and comfortable as I did in Islamabad,” she shares.

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When she returned from the trip, she devised a programme called ‘Innovate. Educate. Inspire Pakistan’ (IEI Pakistan), built a curriculum and plan around the ideology of innovation, education and inspiration and recruited volunteers.

Her program had two divisions – the art programme and the academic teacher programme, and she recruited volunteers for both of them.

After devising this programme, Marvi never looked back.