We Will Release Baby’s Picture On Our Time, Minal Khan

Muneeb Butt and Minal Khan have clearified that the pictures of baby circulating on internet are fake. We haven’t released the pictures Amal Muneeb yet and we will do it at the time of our choice.
Minal khan has said to please respect our privacy and don’t spread fake pictures we surely will release it when we would want it.

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Muneeb Butt has also said that the baby picture that is on social media along with our name is fake.

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Again its over excited fans and pages who do this just to break the news and sole purpose is views, which need to be silenced in time like Naimal did when people started talking about her leaving showbiz after marriage.
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Muneeb Butt and Minal Khan both did a wise job by addressing to the fans directly. Previously Minal talked on Rewind with Samina peerzada that me and Aiman are very private persons, we dont want too much involvement of social media in our lifes. We don’t feel comfortable sharing everything.

Also Aiman did not like the idea of spreading pictures of baby shower.
We feel that their feelings should be respected but on the other hand fans do wait for updates and being a celebrity one has to sacrifice privacy and also we urge fans to patiently wait for official pictures of celebrities.

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Well we congratulate both of them and wait for official release of the pictures.

Here are the instagram stories of Minal Khan and Muneeb Butt.


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