Wedding Pictures Of Actress Benita David And Asghar Ali

Benita David who started her career in the showbiz industry as an actress but later she started doing modeling and now she is known for her presence in the morning shows as a guest and model. Benita David got famous by playing a comedian role of Betab in Bulbulay and then got fame by being a Kashee’s model in the morning shows.

Benita David announced that she was going to marry soon and in 2018 she married Asgar Ali. She seems to be happy and enjoying her newly wedded life with her husband. They have been seen attending many events together along with their family and also complimenting each other.

Benita David and Asghar Ali went to South Africa to have a memorable time with one another. They shared their pictures on social media as well. It was the time when they both spent more of their time with each other and got relaxed from their hectic routines. Spending more of the time together create a strong bond and understanding among the couple.

The couple look happy and satisfied with each other and their love remain strong forever. Here are some of the pictures of Benita David and Asghar Ali from their wedding and vacations.

Benita 1

Benita 2

Benita 3

Benita 4

Benita 5

Benita 6

Benita 7

Benita 8

Benita 9


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